September 27, 2022

The Islamic Emirate’s Comprehensive Campaign

The Islamic Emirate’s Comprehensive Campaign

The Islamic Emirate’s politics are derived from prophetic statesmanship. It is neither limited to political endeavors nor solely focused on military operations. Rather the Islamic Emirate has waged a full-spectrum campaign for the independence of Afghanistan and the establishment of Islamic law. Keeping national interests firmly in sight the Islamic Emirate has continued its military campaign for ending the foreign occupation of Afghanistan and always kept the door of diplomacy open in case of an amicable end to the occupation.

Military Field:

The Islamic Emirate has proven in the military field, no matter how much military strength the enemy expends or war crimes it commits, the enemy will never weaken the national resistance against it and in the end will have to admit that they can never succeed militarily. The Islamic Emirate firmly believes in the sublime assistance of the Lord Almighty in its campaign of resistance and with the help of its gallant nation, will continue it military campaign of national liberation.

The military campaign of the Islamic Emirate stretches from the south of the nation to its northern edges, and from the mountainous east to the western plains. The various tribes and ethnic groups of Afghanistan all affirm and support its political aspirations and under its leadership, continue their campaign to end foreign occupation and the political servitude of the Kabul regime.

The fact that the Mujahideen are regularly capturing large swathes of land, are moving from strength to strength, and regularly holding large gatherings of elders and commoners is a clear example of the support the Islamic Emirate enjoys amongst its citizens.

According to foreign think tanks the Taliban control or highly contest at least half the territory of Afghanistan. This according to the enemy’s own admissions while in reality anyone who has traveled around the country will confirm that the Taliban control more than half the country and the enemy is barely holding onto the city centres and some parts of the national highway. The Mujahideen have sleeper cells in all the major centres of Afghanistan and control the pace and tempo of fighting in these areas.

Diplomatic Sphere:

As pointed out earlier, the Islamic Emirate, in addition to its military campaigns has nor remained stagnant in its diplomacy and continued its political endeavor to find an amicable solution to the current dilemma. During the past few years representatives of the Islamic Emirate have traveled to various countries and partaken in numerous international conferences presenting its point of view and exploring the possibility of a diplomatic solution. The statesmen of the Emirate have presented the conditions of a political solution and offered confidence building measures to open up dialogue.

The Islamic Emirate, as a true representative of our nation’s political aspirations, has adopted a twin track approach to ending the foreign occupation and fulfilling the hopes and dreams of our nation. We will continue our political and military endeavors until those aspirations and dreams of the Afghan people are realized.

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