October 07, 2022

Reaction by spokesman of Islamic Emirate to allegations by Kabul officials about prisoners and negotiations

Reaction by spokesman of Islamic Emirate to allegations by Kabul officials about prisoners and negotiations

Peace talks and negotiations require all sides to display sincerity and truthfulness. Propaganda, unwarranted remarks and provocative comments do not benefit any side.

For the past few days, officials of the Kabul administration have been taking a stance against established facts regarding launch of intra-Afghan negotiations and prisoners of the Islamic Emirate.

Two days earlier, an advisor to Kabul administration’s Arg stated that ‘intra-Afghan’ term ascribed to the negotiation process was incorrect and that talks were going to be held between the Kabul administration and Taliban along with other such remarks.

The Islamic Emirate does not recognize the Kabul administration as a government but views it as western imported structure working for the continuation of American occupation.

We only accept and have made preparations for negotiations that were described in the historic Doha agreement and those are intra-Afghan negotiations that cover all parties to the Afghan conflict.

Moreover, the head of Arg Ashraf Ghani alleged during an interview with American media yesterday that the Islamic Emirate prisoners being released are a threat to international security and are convicted drug traffickers and, God forbid, involved in moral crimes.

We also strongly condemn and reject these spiteful and ill remarks. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are the most righteous, valiant and heroic people on international level and they neither were nor are a threat to any foreign country. Rather they were arrested and punished for the crime of demanding their legitimate right to freedom and independence for their country and for fighting against invaders and their stooges. They have spent years behind bars on these charges and were slandered and accused with various unfounded accusations by the intelligence agencies, even though everyone knows whom is knee-deep in administrative and moral corruption?

Such irresponsible remarks on the verge of intra-Afghan negotiations shows that the Kabul administration is still trying to create hurdles for the peace process and seeks to arouse global emotions through propaganda.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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