November 27, 2022

Another wave of mysterious assassinations…?!

Another wave of mysterious assassinations…?!

Azzam Muhajir


While a week has passed since the Kabul university witnessed a mysteriously heinous intelligence attack leaving tens of students killed and several others injured, and questions about how the assailants armed with military equipment got into the university in broad daylight remaining unanswered, Amrullah Saleh, the First Vice President, recently warned civil activists about a Taliban plan of assassinations, saying that the new Taliban scheme is to target them in Kabul and other major cities.

To many people, the remarks of Amrullah Saleh are not something new and they perceive his malicious intentions due to his history of putting civil and peace activists to death and then blaming the Taliban for it so the public feels intimidated by them and remain at length.

Following the series of targeted killings, many activists such as Waheed  Muzhda and Ubaidullah Barakzai, who spoke on the news outlets and criticized the Kabul administration for its unjustifiable actions and Afghan killings, were targeted and their assassins still remain unknown.

It seems that Kabul intelligence, largely under Saleh influence, once again wants to repeat the same scenario to disrupt the ongoing peace process, perplex the minds of the compatriots, and give them the impression that it is the Taliban who cannot tolerate their activities and does not give them the right to live.

So instead of worrying about risks from others, civil and peace activists should be hyperconscious of Kabul administration’s plots because this is direct threat to them by Amrullah Saleh, who antecedently has the blood of thousands of innocent people on his hands.

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