December 06, 2022

9 killed, 9 injured in country’s north

9 killed, 9 injured in country’s north

BALKH, Oct. 23 – The Islamic Emirate’s Mujahideen repulsed the enemy offensive in Chahar Bolak district of northern Balkh province on Saturday, killing 6 puppets and leaving a further 7 including a commander were wounded, according to reports from Balkh province.

It is further reported that a Mujahid fighter was martyred with a further 3 wounded in the daylong yesterday.

An armored tank and a vehicle were also destroyed after coming under Mujahideen rocket fires.

In another report, 3 puppets were killed and an additional two got wounded when a roadside bomb blast ripped into the enemy vehicle in the provincial capital of Balkh province on Saturday.

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