February 06, 2023

10 puppets suffer casualties in country’s north

10 puppets suffer casualties in country’s north

 BALKH, Mar. 11 –  On Tuesday Mujahideen targeted an enemy base and exchanged fire with the enemy in Khas Balkh district of northern Balkh province in which 1 enemy soldiers was killed.

On Wednesday, 3 Arbakis lost their lives and 1 sustained wounds when Mujahideen surprised the local militia in the aforesaid district of Balkh province, while a vehicle was also destroyed in the attack.

Also on Tuesday, 3 Arbakis were wounded with a tank damaged following a Mujahideen ambush in Sholgara district of northern Balkh province.

Separately, 2 enemy soldiers were badly injured in a bomb attack in Deh Dadi district of the province on Tuesday night.

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