February 07, 2023

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning anniversary of liberation of Kabul on 6th Mezan

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning anniversary of liberation of Kabul on 6th Mezan

The sixth of Mezan is celebrated as an important and momentous day in the contemporary history of our country. The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, that was caught in the cycle of tragic and misfortunate factional wars fell to the forces of Islamic Emirate on the 6th of Mezan 1379, thus rescuing our homeland from an extremely dangerous and destructive crisis.

A civil war erupted among a number of power-hungry elements and their communist allies following the collapse of the communist regime, and although the entire country was facing a phase of corruption and civil strife, the epicenter of corruption and tragedy was the historic capital our homeland, Kabul, as the city was divided among multiple notorious factional warring parties and transformed into a battleground.

Nearly three quarters of the infrastructure of Kabul was completely ravaged and destroyed by the three years of war.

The country was not only destroyed in a materialistic context, but the story of moral degradation and the plunder and ransacking of historic artifacts, libraries and museums is manifold tragic. Plots were hatched to divide the country and there remained no light of hope.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan arose in these times of great darkness, clearing the country from warlords, uniting a country fractured on fault lines, cleansing Kabul from corrupt and marauding elements, and safeguarding the lives, wealth and honor of the Afghan nation.

On these grounds, the 6th of Mezan can be termed a day Afghanistan was rescued from the threat of collapse, disintegration and destruction.

On this exact day, a rule of such a pure Islamic system was established in our homeland which was the aspiration and goal of half a million martyrs of our people.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan congratulates its persecuted and Mujahid nation on the occasion of this historic day and bears glad tidings about the near approach of times when our country shall once again celebrate days of freedom and liberation from presence of invaders and the current rule. So, let us all show resolve for the future of attaining the lofty goal of our nation with the establishment of a pure Islamic government, Allah willing and nothing is hard for Allah the Almighty.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

10/02/1442 Hijri Lunar

06/07/1399 Hijri Solar                   27/09/2020 Gregorian

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