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(Part 10) Summary of the Most Significant Accomplishments of the Islamic Emirate (2022 – 2023) By: H.N Establishing Electronic Certification System In order to ensure transparency and prevent forgery in the printing and distribution of certificates, an electronic certification system has been activated in 34 provinces. Through this system, certificates are printed and then delivered […]

(Part 10)

Summary of the Most Significant Accomplishments of the Islamic Emirate

(2022 – 2023)

By: H.N

Establishing Electronic Certification System

In order to ensure transparency and prevent forgery in the printing and distribution of certificates, an electronic certification system has been activated in 34 provinces. Through this system, certificates are printed and then delivered to the applicants upon request. In this system, the results and credentials of graduates are initially registered and, based on the provided information, certificates are printed and distributed to the applicants. The activation of this system not only prevents corruption in this field but also significantly expedites the certificate distribution process, providing necessary facilitation for the applicants.

The electronic system prevents individual interference in altering the content of certificates and significantly enhances the credibility of this process.

Providing Facilities to Passport Applicants

Over the past year, the Islamic Emirate has not only provided assistance in various sectors but has also introduced notable facilitations in passport issuance, taking significant strides in this domain:

1. A representative office of the Passport Directorate has been established within the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to facilitate the passport issuance process and encourage domestic investors, entrepreneurs, and traders to invest in the country;

2. For the distribution of passports to patients, students, and pilgrims, facilitations have been put in place, and a bank representative has been activated within the Passport Directorate for passport fee payments.

3. A sticker registration department has been established to prevent fraud and counterfeiting in the passport application process.

4. Electronic banking tariffs have been created and activated through an online system.

5. The daily passport distribution capacity at the center has been increased from 2,000 to 4,000 passports, enhancing efficiency in passport services.

Regulating Urban Services

The Islamic Emirate has devoted significant attention to regulating urban services and necessary actions have been able to establish urban order across the country. Issues such as non-standard construction, road and alley blockages by powerful individuals, encroachment on sidewalks and roads by vendors, were major disruptions to urban order and discipline, which have been addressed and resolved with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate.

Standardizing the activities of traders and regulating their operations played a key role in both increasing municipal revenues and establishing order and control over residential areas, contributing to tranquility in the outskirts of cities. Roads and alleys have been reopened to traffic, preventing the accumulation of waste on sidewalks and streets, and barriers have been removed.

By standardizing the activities of merchants and regulating their activities, significant contributions have been made to both increasing tax revenues and ensuring order and control in residential and suburban areas. Roads and alleys have been reopened to traffic and barriers on sidewalks and streets have been removed.

Furthermore, to prevent Price Gouging, price lists for raw materials have been approved and adjusted in various sectors, and distributed to relevant merchants and wholesalers for compliance. These price lists are monitored by municipal officers, and legal action has been taken against violators.

Additionally, crowded urban areas have been cleared of street vendors, mobile kiosks, stalls, and clutter, and measures have been taken to prevent noise pollution.

Moreover, expired and low-quality food items have been collected and removed from shops and warehouses, household sewage flow to seas, alleys, and drains has been cut off, and special attention has been given to city cleanliness.

Implementing Reforms and Facilitating Road Transport

In order to implement reforms and facilitate improvement in the road transportation, the following measures have been taken:

1. Registration of hundreds of transportation companies and unions in the information system.

2. Establishment of unified working centers in seven zones, aimed at both preventing people’s time wastage and facilitating the identification of passenger and freight vehicles without proper documentation, thus enhancing traffic control.

3. Drafting a fare regulation based on electronic payments.

4. Enforcing a transportation fare bill considering fuel prices and market changes. With this bill, a standardized transportation system has been established, preventing excessive fare charges, addressing citizens’ complaints, and closely monitoring passenger transport activities.

These measures aim to streamline and improve efficiency in the road transportation sector while ensuring fair practices and addressing regulatory issues.

Ensuring Technological Security and Providing Technical Services

Continuing the efforts to facilitate transportation services for the people, the Islamic Emirate has taken rapid steps in collaboration with relevant agencies in the provision of technical services, resulting in the following achievements:

1. Technical evaluation of 311 transportation vehicles recently integrated into the country’s traffic system.

2. Technical evaluation of transportation companies, including 73 standard vehicles, and their inclusion in the transportation system.

3. Technical evaluation of 5800 passenger vehicles at terminals and transportation centers in Kabul city, which travel from origin points to destination provinces, to ensure passenger safety.

4. Installation of hundreds of GPS systems in transportation vehicles.

5. Establishment of unified work centers for transportation vehicles and distribution of electronic booklets and cards to transportation companies.

6. Creation of a system for numbering and compiling information on vehicles and transportation companies.

Addressing Passengers’ Complaints

Handling passengers’ complaints and providing standardized services in the ground and air transportation sector is a top priority for the Islamic Emirate. Based on this principle, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has addressed hundreds of complaints, requests, and suggestions from passengers in the past year. In this regard, significant steps have been taken to solve the problems, which are considered major achievements in regulating the country’s transportation sector.

Enhancing Electronic National Identity Cards

The process of distributing electronic National ID card has been expedited with an increase in the number of distribution centers, significantly reducing public inconvenience. Over the past year, efforts have been made to expand electronic ID distribution to districts as well. In the past year, 74 branches for electronic National ID distribution have become operational, with 15 branches in Kabul and 59 others in various provinces, offering services to citizens daily.

It is worth mentioning that in the past year, over 2.5 million electronic national IDs have been distributed, with 1.5 million IDs allocated to male and over one million to female. In addition, necessary services have been provided to 74,500 individuals during the past year.

Furthermore, three branches of “Asan Khedmat” (one stop shop) have been established in Kabul city to provide necessary facilities to the people. Through these branches, hundreds of citizens receive electronic identity cards, birth certificates, and post-distribution services daily.

It is noteworthy that since the return of the Islamic Emirate until the end of last year, a total of 4.6 million electronic national identity cards have been distributed nationwide.