January 30, 2023

US should Respect International Norms and Implement Doha Agreement in Full Spirit

US should Respect International Norms and Implement Doha Agreement in Full Spirit

The United States should align its approach to Afghanistan with international standards and implement the Doha Agreement in its full sprit.

The idea of ​​interaction with the world is a positive and active strategy, which is successfully followed by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The concept of interaction and cooperation with the world is a principle in policy of the Islamic Emirate; But this idea can be successful when there is international cooperation and the international community follows the realities in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, it is not the same with Afghanistan, a number of organizations think more about condemning the new system of Afghanistan instead of cooperating with it. Here, the role of the United States, and a number of countries following US is debatable

Almost three years ago, the United States signed the Doha agreement with the Islamic Emirate, based on which foreign forces left Afghanistan with a specific timetable.

The Islamic Emirate had clear commitments in the agreement, one of which was the safe withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. The safe way was the withdrawal of foreign forces and the Islamic Emirate fulfilled its promises and it was hoped that the opposite side would also fulfill its promises, but it was proved the other way.

The Doha Agreement has not been properly implemented by the United States, according to the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, the removal of sanctions and the normalization of relations with Afghanistan are some of the parts of this agreement that have been violated by Washington.

Now the sanctions imposed on Afghanistan continue and the ban on the visits of officials of the Islamic Emirate has not been removed and freezing of Afghanistan’s assets is another unfair move, which has complicated the human condition in Afghanistan.

America has not done anything to normalize relations with the new system after the success of the Islamic Emirate.

The wrong position of the United States on the normalization of relations with Afghanistan has caused some other countries to follow the US and despite having legitimate interests in Afghanistan and admitting the political and military reality of the Islamic Emirate has never asked for official interaction with the Islamic Emirate.

The United States, which insists on the improvement of the living conditions of Afghans and the growth of life in this country in different areas, should know that by violating the Doha Agreement, it has caused many problems in Afghanistan including affects on the life process in Afghanistan, and hindring the economic activities and interaction with the world.

If the United States wants more positive changes in Afghanistan, then the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate said that it should take steps to normalize relations with Afghanistan and resolve the issue of sanctions against this country.

It should be said that the full implementation of the Doha Agreement is an important task for the problems and challenges in Afghanistan.

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