February 07, 2023

Second Death Anniversary of Great Mujahid Haqqani Sahib

Second Death Anniversary of Great Mujahid Haqqani Sahib

13th Sonbula marks the second death anniversary of great Mujahid and the symbol of Afghan scholarship and resistance, the late Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani Sahib. Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani is an internationally renowned Jihadi figure who played a vital role in Islamic Emirate’s rise, rule and phase of sacred and noble Jihad against the American invaders.

One of the seismic shifts of the twentieth century that altered international order and course of history was the disintegration of the Soviet Union. A principle cause for the fall of the Soviet Union was the fourteen-year Jihad and sacrifice of one million souls by our valiant Mujahid nation against the Soviet communism in Afghanistan. Mawlawi Jalauddin Haqqani was a Mujahid leader who played a distinguished and decisive role during anti-Soviet Jihad. He was among those Jihadi leaders whose leadership and status did not deter him from partaking in direct combat against the Soviet invaders. He would always directly command active anti-Soviet fronts – sustaining physical injuries and immense difficulties on innumerable occasions.

But despite being a man of actions and battlefield, the late Haqqani Sahib detested fame, status and materialistic honors. Following the end of Jihad against communism and in spite of playing a greater role than any other commander or leader, he never pursued power or status but focused all his energies on reminding factional leaders jostling for power about the aims of Jihad, preventing the spread of civil strife and corruption and paving the way for the establishment of a pure Islamic government.

That is why when the Islamic Emirate arose in Afghanistan, respected Haqqani Sahib welcomed it with open arms by declaring a complete merger and presenting all his Mujahideen and equipment at the service of the Islamic Emirate.

The sincere Jihad of the late Haqqani Sahib and dislike for fame, status and materialism, his benevolence towards all and his selfless sacrifices for his faith epitomize the characteristics and personality of a true Mujahid and Islamic activist and shows all what it means and takes to be at the service of religion.

Just as the late Haqqani Sahib played a fundamental role in defeating the Soviet invasion, he also earned the honor of waging noble Jihad against the American invaders in the later stages of his life – thus cementing his name in the annals of history as a great and unforgettable warrior.

On the occasion of the second death anniversary of the late Jalaluddin Haqqani Sahib, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reminds all Muslims generally and the Mujahideen specifically to pray for the soul of this great Mujahid and souls of all the other Mujahideen and martyrs because they are all the well-wishers of our Ummah. They are like candles that have burnt themselves and sacrificed all worldly desires to rescue our nation from apostasy, corruption, enslavement and captivity.

May the souls of heroes sacrificed in the path of Jihad and Islamic system rest in peace and may their memories live on for eternity.

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