September 28, 2022

Economic Conference the Glad Tiding of Better Future..!

Economic Conference the Glad Tiding of Better Future..!

By Suleiman Saeed

A few days ago a major conference under the name of Afghanistan Economic Conference was held in Kabul with the participation of around 60 countries, including Islamic countries.

Convening such a conference and making the most of it is indeed a very interesting initiative of the Islamic Emirate and a great step towards progress. Through this conference, the officials of the Islamic Emirate made their position clear to the world, called for investment, discussed regional economic cooperation, encouraged internationals for urgent and temporary humanitarian aid and emphasized on the basics for sustainable and long-term economic development. And most importantly, challenged the humanity of the world, exposed their tricks, lies and hypocrisy, and called them to the truth.

In this tense situation, inviting such a large number of countries and encouraging them for the benefit of their country and nation is a glad tiding of the future. The efforts of the Islamic Emirate show that they besides achieving territorial independence, also have strong determination and successful plans for economic independence and self-sufficiency.

As the Prime Minister, Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, pointed out two measures in his speech, that are essential for the country’s economy, to provide temporary humanitarian assistance at present and to promote the country’s economic development through infrastructure and fundamental economic activities.

The Islamic Emirate seeks to build ties with countries of the region and the world on the basis of economic commonalities and encourage them for investment. This is a very important issue thus if the countries and investors of the region and the world are ready to invest here, it not only paves the path for recognition but also involves investing countries of the world and region with the condition of our country.  In the past, flames of war were no sign of danger to the region and the world, but now if we have economic commonalities with them, convince them of mutual economic benefits and they invest here, then these countries will definitely be involved in our issues, so we will be safe from the risk of isolation, external pressures, and security problems. And the countries concerned will be forced to support us in their own interests.

Praise be to Allah as there is all-round security in Afghanistan now, everyone can invest in different sectors, the interests of investors will be fully safeguarded. Foreign investment will not only lead us towards economic prosperity and self-sufficiency but will also provide more job opportunities inside the country.

Apart from the mineral, electricity and other God-given possibilities, we can also make the most of our location. Our country is capable of transit routes between many countries, and we can also generate huge revenue from air and land transit routes.

Even in such an initial and critical situation, the Islamic Emirate has been able to run the expenses of its institutions from its national income, while continuing reconstruction and development work also.

Whereas in the past all these expenses would have been met with the help of foreign countries, the reason is that now there is no corruption, embezzlement and bribery, the officials of the Islamic Emirate collect the revenue transparently and hand it over to the relevant agencies.

A few days ago, the Islamic Emirate announced starting the fiscal year from the month of Hamal (Aries) instead of Jadi (Capricorn). In fact, this is the declaration of economic independence!

In the past, the economic year would have started in the month of Jedai, to coincide with the beginning of the rest of the world’s economic year (January) so they would send in a small amount, whereas now the Islamic Emirate has proved that in these difficult times it can also run the government from its own national income and does not look to foreigners. We will do everything on our own, we will have full independence in the economic sector like other sectors and we will not need anyone’s help, none will be able to impose on us their adverse conditions for a few bucks.

Praise be to Allah. In the economic field, the plans of the Islamic Emirate are very precise and successful and, God willing, we will soon be self-sufficient and have a very good future. The people should not be influenced by the propaganda of the satanic media of the West, their only purpose is to disappoint the people and hinder them from work, investment and development.

Be satisfied, when a country has independence and its people are honest and sincere, that country will definitely make progress. Economic development was almost impossible under the invasion, as even after 20 years the situation is such that, as soon as the foreigner’s aid stopped, the whole country went hungry, that’s because nothing was done for the infrastructure of the economy, and everything was artificial. But after now we will take fundamental steps towards development and will achieve economic independence! Inshallah!

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