September 28, 2022

Attack on North Gate Hotel ends with death and injuries to hundreds of invaders

Attack on North Gate Hotel ends with death and  injuries to hundreds of invaders

Beginning of Operation:

Amid the ongoing onslaught of ‘Omari’ annual operation, a 4 member group from the Martyrdom Seeking Battalion of Islamic Emirate carried out an operation on North Gate Hotel and Logistics Facilities, a key enemy military and intelligence center, at around 01:30 am local time today.

Martyrdom Seekers and Attack:

– Muhammad Anbiya from Pashmool area of Kandahar

– Shamsullah from Nahr Siraj area of Helmand

– Abdul Rasheed

– and Naimatullah from Atghar district of Zabul

Initially a heroic martyrdom seeker driving a truck packed with heavy explosives detonated his vehicle at the entrance gate of the camp, shattering the enemy security belt as well as collapsing and damaging many buildings, the dining hall, ammunition, food and fuel depots and halls created for profanity, burying all the invaders under the rubble.

Following the huge blast, the 3-man martyrdom seeking team armed with automatic weapons, fire spreading bombs and explosives vests entered the guest house and began engaging the remaining foreigners, guards, caterers, guests and those still alive in their rooms.

No person was left alive in this second phase which lasted till around 05:00 am in the morning as each person was killed point black range or critically injured under the rubble.

The third phase of the operation by the 3 martyrdom seekers – who had executed their handed out plan with precision and killed everyone on site – engaged the invaders and hirelings from outside for two hours, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy and forcing them to evacuate their dead via ambulances.

Enemy Losses:

The blessed raid carried out after accurate intelligence gathering indicating presence of hundreds of foreigners resulted in death to most of the enemy personnel inside with injuries to others. Most part of the camp was also completely leveled or heavily damaged as well as other heavy material losses caused to the invaders.

Enemy Denial and Propaganda:

That the enemy has completely denied any losses or declared only a few casualties is not something new, rather their lies, deceit and turning the other cheek to realities has a long history.

When a person can bypass every security barrier and detonate a truck with tonnes of explosives and when fully armed men can walk, attack and spend 7 hours freely inside a base, then such an operation can never come to an end with a meager fatality toll! No, every sane mid understands this reality and past experiences have also proven this.

The hireling enemy – in order to hide its humiliation – wants to portray the attack as a failure and either show a tiny casualty figure or deny it completely in order to safeguard the interests of their foreign masters.

Our plan of operation by the Martyrdom Seeking Battalion was very accurate. Just as the attack was executed successfully, so was the death toll in accordance with the expected figures, Inshallah.

Our reconnaissance team kept their eyes and gathered precise information about the camp from pre till post operation. They had obtained map of the camp, human figures present inside and all other necessary information. And according to this info, all required equipment was delivered so that, all praise belong to Allah, the operation is executed meticulously and no person out of the 400 foreigners mostly Americans are left alive or unharmed.

Result and Message of the Operation:

The Americans – who had invaded Afghanistan for their ill-fated goals – understand with absolute certainty that they cannot achieve them through occupation. But the reason why they still seek to extend their invasion is because they want to spare America humiliation, dishonor and an open defeat so that their begone reputation is saved further damage.

The more America and her invading allies insist on prolonging their occupation of Afghanistan, the more the Afghan nation thinks about their Jihadi plans in order to hand the invaders heavy losses just like the losses being faced by their auxiliary hirelings.

Today’s attack in Kabul carried a clear message; that the Afghans are not tired of sacrificing their souls or continuing their Jihadi struggle and neither has a weakness been observed in their plans. Contrarily, if they are conquering districts and bases and cleansing large swaths of land from the enemy presence on the one hand, on the other they will also target and take decisive steps against the nests of foreign invaders.

The Kabul attack must remind the invaders that they shall pay for every day they spend and every crime they commit here. These martyrdom seekers had only participated in order to attain the pleasure of Allah Almighty and avenge the martyrdom of the late Amir ul Mumineen, Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor (may Allah have mercy on him). The more the invaders insist on oppression, barbarity, extending occupation and stubbornness, the more the yearning for revenge shall increase and the more grievous price they shall pay for their crimes, Inshallah.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

27/10/1437 Hijri Lunar

11/05/1394 Hijri Solar               01/08/2016


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