September 27, 2022

7 killed, enemy posts stormed in Kunar

7 killed, enemy posts stormed in Kunar

KUNAR, Sept. 20 – An agent of NDS and a soldier of ANA were killed in a targeted attack by Mujahideen in Chapa Darah district of eastern Kunar province on Monday.

Also Monday, Mujahideen stormed three of the enemy combat posts located in Marawara district of the province in which the enemy suffered heavy losses.

Furthermore, 5 puppets were killed and one wounded with a tank destroyed in separate attacks by Mujahideen in Surkani and Chapa Dara district of Kunar province on Monday.

Separately, Mujahideen conducted an offensive on the check points around the prison in As’ad Abad city, the provincial capital of Kunar province, inflicting fatal losses on the enemy.

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