February 02, 2023

Rescuing Helmandis and future of Afghan peace process

Rescuing Helmandis and future of Afghan peace process

Muhammad Jalal

After receiving constant pleas from locals, Mujahideen conducted operations in many areas of Helmand province to rescue them from the miserable conditions created by the puppet enemy militias. The areas previously controlled by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan fell into the hands of crooked Kabul regime during negotiations with between the Islamic Emirate and the Untied States. The regime bandit forces, a collection of drug addicts and marauders, were forcefully taking bribes and extortion from ordinary people, from shop owners, and from businessmen. Early last week, all regions where the locals were fed up with the brutal enemy methods were cleared by the Mujahideen and locals returned back to going about their normal lives.

However, these changes were followed by an unprecendented development when American forces violated the Doha agreement in various forms through carrying out excessive airstrikes throughout Helmand and other provinces. These actions of the Americans were against the spirit of a political settlement and the Doha Agreement. According to the Doha agreement, the American forces are prohibited from carrying out airstrikes or targeting anyone in areas other than combat zones or during active fighting. However, in the past week, drone and other fighter aircrafts carried out attacks in Nahr Siraj, Khushkawa, Babaji, Malgir and Band-e-Barq areas of Greshk and various areas of Sangin, Marjah, Nawa and Nad Ali districts.

Furthermore, there have been many night raids by US-Afghan forces. For example, on 17 October, a recently released prisoner who was about to start a new life with his family was martyred along with his daughter Nuriya in Kora Gaz area of Farah. His second daughter was shot in the leg. In another brutal raid by US-Afghan forces, Rohullah who was released two months earlier after spending 10 years in jail, was ruthlessly martyred along with his son and a guest in Baghlan. These attacks were all a direct and clear violation of the Doha agreement.

Since the signing of the Doha Agreement on the 29 February, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been sincerely committed to every letter of the agreement, the beginning of intra-Afghan talks serving as a clear example, proving many commentators wrong who argued that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will not adhere by the agreement after the prisoner exchange. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly believes that adherence to all agreements is a core religious obligations. Consequently, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan also expects the Americans to comply with the agreement instead of trying to deflect blame.

The Americans must adhere to the Doha Agreement if they really wish to move the process forward and achieve a political settlement. Otherwise all responsibility and consequences from continuation of such actions will fall directly on their shoulders.

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