December 03, 2022

Obstructing intra-Afghan talks, for what?!

Obstructing intra-Afghan talks, for what?!

The Islamic Emirate and the United States agreed in Doha that a prisoner exchange of 5000 and 1000 prisoners of the Islamic Emirate and the regime respectively would take place within ten days after the conclusion of the singing ceremony and intra-Afghan negotiations would begin on the 10th of March.

It has extremely unfortunately that four months since the agreement was signed, the intra-Afghan negotiations have yet to materialize rather all we see is excuses for its delay on a daily basis.

The Kabul administration has said that it will not be releasing 600 prisoners from the list of 5000 prisoners provided by the Islamic Emirate in a latest move aimed at creating hurdles for the prisoner exchange process and with it, the further delay of intra-Afghan negotiations.

The Kabul regime’s hostility towards peace cannot be any clearer even as conditions conducive to peace at this moment are unprecedented. But the party which is declaring war in these favorable conditions only seeks to pour fuel on the raging fire of war so it can pursue its illegitimate interests in the destruction of Afghanistan and suffering of the oppressed Afghan nation.

The Islamic Emirate was established precisely to eliminate corruption, oppression and war and to replace it with a just system. We continue to remain committed to our higher interests and are struggling to achieve them through every legal avenue. Any party that opposes peace, insists upon war and strengthens the occupation cannot be saved from the rebuke of this war-torn nation and shall be held accountable for continuing the war, being at the service of occupiers and causing vast corruption and oppression.

The commitment of the Islamic Emirate to the Doha agreement has proven that the Islamic Emirate has honored all its conditions in accordance with the sequenced timeline. Therefore, the United States must also fulfill its obligations to the Islamic Emirate and not allow others to obstruct the implementation of the agreement. The United States cannot be absolved of its obligation in face of the excuses conjured by the Kabul administration for non-release of prisoners because the Kabul regime has been created and nurtured by America and relies heavily on its military, political and economic assistance.

The head of Arg palace Ghani and the technocrats and warlords gathered around him see peace as detrimental to their personal interests because they have attained these positions not on the basis of patriotism or competence but on the basis of their service to the occupiers. And if the occupation were to end, neither would they see Afghanistan as their home nor would the Afghans see them as true sons of this land. America which has imposed her servants on the Afghans for the past nineteen years must bring an end to this game and on the basis of the agreement signed with the Islamic Emirate, swiftly release five thousand prisoners so that itnra-Afghan negotiations can begin and the Afghans can form an Islamic government.

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