October 05, 2022

Message of condolence and assistance to flood victims by Health Commission

Message of condolence and assistance to flood victims by Health Commission

Unfortunately, devastating floods in a number of provinces of our homeland have caused immense human suffering and material losses to our compatriots.

Hundreds of our fellow citizens have lost their lives, their homes and livelihoods due to heavy rains and floods in the northern, southern and north-eastern regions.

The Health Commission of the Islamic Emirate shares the heavy grief of our compatriots and considers assistance and sympathizing with them its religious and national obligation. We pray that the Lord Almighty grant Jannat-ul-Firdaws to the martyrs, swift recovery for the injured and immense patience to the heirs.

We urge international humanitarian organizations, wealthy religious strata of our country and international disaster relief groups to reach flood victims as quickly as possible and extend them aid in this time of crisis.

We also expect the officials and Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate to extend every type of assistance to our fellow affected countrymen.

We specifically call on all workers of the Health Commission to immediately make available all necessary transportation and medicine to the injured in their clinics and health centers.

As experience shows that infectious diseases spread in flood-hit areas, all emergency teams of the Health Commission should remain prepared and vigilant and take into consideration disease prevention measures.


Health Commission of the Islamic Emirate

10/01/1442 Hijri Lunar

08/06/1399 Hijri Solar                   29/08/2020 Gregorian

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