September 29, 2022

Directives of the Leader for the Mujahideen during Eid days

Directives of the Leader for the Mujahideen during Eid days

In the name of Allah, most Compassionate, most Merciful

In order that our countrymen participate in Eid prayers and other festivities with complete confidence during the joyous days of Eid, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate must strictly comply with the following directives:

1 – All Mujahideen are directed to cease all offensive operations against the domestic opposition forces during the first, second and third day of Eid however if Mujahideen are attacked, they must defend with their utmost capability.

2 – Foreign occupiers are excluded from the above order. Continue your operations against them and target them wherever and whenever you find an opportunity.

3 – The Military Commission officials and provincial governors should mark inmates in their prisons and send findings to the leadership office about those who are able to find guarantors that they will not rejoin the enemy ranks and fight against the Mujahideen so that the leader may decide about their release.

4 – All the inmates present in the prisons of the Islamic Emirate – be they criminal or political – should be provided with facilities for Eid celebrations and be given meetings with their families and loved ones if possibilities arise.

5 – The Mujahideen should not participate in civilian congregations where there could be a danger of airstrikes so that our inhumane enemy will not be able to use it as an excuse for their blind bombardments and civilian tragedies.


Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

24/09/1439 Hijri Lunar

19/03/1397 Hijri Solar                    90/06/2018 Gregorian

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