November 26, 2022

Communique by Intelligence Commission regarding expansion of assassination and terror operations by Kabul administration

Communique by Intelligence Commission regarding expansion of assassination and terror operations by Kabul administration

Since the beginning of occupation till now, the enemies of our homeland and religion have not refrained from any form of cruelty and persecution of our Muslim Afghan nation in order to weaken Jihadi ranks and as such, have repeatedly experimented with old and new criminal techniques.

A new bloody plan of the Kabul administration is to target those noble, vigilant and famous religious, national and political figures whom express their opinions on the basis of religious obligation and in line with religious principles, condemn oppression and barbarity on the basis of patriotic and Afghan pride, work through legal channels to change the plight of their oppressed compatriots on humanitarian grounds and seek to awaken the nation concerning the dangers of depravity, corruption and imposition of foreign cultures.

Just as the former communists sought to impose their anti-Islamic and corrupt ideology through force and terror and decided to hastily commit inhumane and heinous crimes due to their intolerance towards any political, religious, traditional and cultural movements or expressions; the Kabul administration has also committed every crime possible during the period of occupation in defense of imported corruption, obscenity and every type of immorality. The increasing rate of kidnappings of defenseless Muslims and the systematic assassinations of famous political, national and religious figures in Kabul and other areas under their control are clear examples of such crimes against humanity.

On the basis of verifiable intelligence, the stooge Kabul administration has recently opened a secret department for assassinations in 241 Directorate of the supposed National Directorate of Security. The aforementioned department was also active during the communist Najib regime however during the period of American occupation, it was disbanded and leaving it operational categorized as crime against humanity by some human right organizations. But now the Kabul administration has once again reactivated the same body and through it, broaden the scope and perpetuate the already launched project of atrocities.

The recruited foreign spies and contract killers present in the Kabul administration seek to secretively assassinate or imprison in notorious prisons like the thousands of other innocent Afghans a distinct group of religious scholars, mosque imams, pious tribal elders, vigilant analysts and political commentators and merciful teachers and workers of religious and modern educational centers.

The Islamic Emirate views the aforementioned figures as the invaluable spiritual, academic, national and professional assets of our homeland and based on this obligation and sympathy and through this communique, seeks to notify and make them aware of the cowardly enemy plans and to protect themselves in the course of their legitimate and sincere services and activities.

Intelligence Commission of the Islamic Emirate

26/11/1441 Hijri Lunar

27/04/1399 Hijri Solar                   17/07/2020 Gregorian

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