January 30, 2023

Bidding Masters Farewell

Bidding Masters Farewell

After the commencement of US-Taliban negotiations, one thing became apparent: the deep sorrow and grief expressed by domestic slaves upon the departure of their foreign masters. This was never seen before.

A spectacle was seen two years ago when the Kunduz governor for the Kabul administration had burst into tears because of the departure of American soldiers. And then he was tightly embracing the occupying American officer at Kunduz airbase thereby consoling himself. He was expressing to them and the world that he had been inflicted by severe grief upon their departure.

But such attitude isn’t confined to the governor alone. All seniors and non of the Kabul administration express such sorrow. The head of the quisling administration posseses alot of fame in this area himself. His words have become a shameless quote when he said that he feels heartfelt pain upon America’s departure. So out of such sorrow, Ghani desires to prolong the stay of his masters in some way or another.

For this, he wrote various letters addressed to former President Donald Trump, British leaders aswell as those of NATO. In these letters, he listed the benefits of them remaining in Afghanistan and the damage that he thinks would be caused by their departure. And when it was needed for him to express his love some more, he would present to them false assesments of what he believed were threats that would be caused to the masters themselves should they depart. It was the grief of this parting which caused every quisling to try place hurdles in the Doha agreement and at every other juncture.

This parting caused a person like Amrullah Saleh to behave like a madman. He adopted a manner that was extremely detrimental for Afghan peace and demonstrated that he was shaken.

When Joe Biden became President, the quislings gained some hope that a seperatiom wouldn’t occur. Therefore, their hopelessness changed to joy and they began celebrating. But their joys were crushed when Biden stated that he would not leave another president for the leadership of his army in Afghanistan and will exit Afghanistan. This response was no less than death for them. Thereafter, one could see expressions of their sorrow once again. This time, upon seeing their master’s determination to leave they begged that if the master was indeed departing, that he take them with him. The masters too were overtaken by sympathy and requested their president to grant the loyal slaves American citizenship.

The poor slaves were struck once again when on 25 April, Gen. Scott Miller announced that they shall not remain in Afghanistan any longer. Only God knows what touched the slaves after this announcement such that Hamdullah Mohib expressed his pain too. Inflicted with severe despair, he declared the US army a valuable asset for Afghanistan and emphasized that their departure would not be free from damage.

This relationship of the master and slave makes clear that the quisling Kabul administration has never been a well wisher of the Afghan people. Rather, their objective has always been the protection of their foreign masters and to help in the completion of their agenda. It was only due to this that they became so sorrowful over their departure eventhough the entire nation’s freedom and success is attached with such departure.

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