December 06, 2022

Arg warmongers, looking to Joe Biden…!!

Arg warmongers, looking to Joe Biden…!!

Following a bloody attack on the headquarters of Kabul administration NDS in Aybak, the capital of Samangan, that inflicted over a hundred casualties on intelligence operatives, the intelligence department named National Security once again published a statement declaring retaliatory combat readiness against the Mujahideen.

Moreover, the former vice president of Arg, the head of Gelum Jum militias and a war and moral criminal Abdul Rasheed Dostum recently awarded a pseudo Marshal rank also made similar remarks.

This comes as Arg officials have been trying for a while now to create obstacles for the peace process in the hopes that the United States would reverse its policy and continue the occupation of Afghanistan and consequently, the stooges holed up in Kabul would continue exercising their superficial powers and receive their routine paychecks for shedding the blood of Afghans.!

The first issue concerning escalating violence – this is not the first time the Kabul stooges have warned about “smashing skulls and taking fortifications” but these notorious war criminals have made such criminal remarks frequently in the recent past.

Only recently did the head of Arg Ashraf Ghani order the launch offensive operations against the Mujahideen which only resulted in more of his mercenary army coffins flooding his corridors, the latest example being Samangan.

So, warnings by phony generals and Khadist black water mercenaries can only be interpreted as a suicide mission that cannot harm the Mujahideen in any form, Allah willing. The Mujahideen can never be deterred or scared by the tough talk of defeated warmongers.

The second issue of Arg officials creating barriers for the peace process in hopes that America would fundamentally change its policy after the upcoming election such that it would result in their political survival and extension of their superficial rule, then it seems those hopes were also dashed by the recent remarks of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden, the lead challenger of Trump in the upcoming presidential elections, recently clarified that he does not give importance to what takes hold in Afghanistan but his foremost responsibility is securing the national interests of America while protecting his troops from harm in meaningless wars.

He said that he takes no responsibility if the Taliban come to power after American forces withdraw and that his only responsibility is protecting the American people and securing America’s national interests.

These remarks by Joe Biden may have now dashed those hopes of Arg-based officials who have very brazenly been working day and night to obstruct the peace process. They pushed the limits of creating hurdles for the prisoner exchange process, are trying to avoid intra-Afghan talks at any cost, are launching military forays, indiscriminate artillery attacks, raids and airstrikes, are trying to take new areas, are causing unimaginable civilian suffering under the pretext of Taliban and committing other atrocities yet they still attribute that the escalation of violence to the Mujahideen.

This comes even as the Mujahideen have adopted a defensive posture or carry out a rare operation in order to remove anti-peace hurdles erected by the opposition, carefully executing attacks to avoid violating the agreement. But the Arg warmongers, looking to Joe Biden, are seemingly in the mood for a new interventionist war.

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