January 28, 2023

6th of Jadi and 15th of Mizan; The beginning of fall of two arrogant empires

6th of Jadi and 15th of Mizan;  The beginning of fall of two arrogant empires

43 years ago, on this day (6th of Jadi), the Soviet forces invaded our dear country and with the support their trained Afghan slaves, they turned the Afghan people into a source of oppression, brutality and tyranny for 14 years, committing all types of wrongdoing.

Before the direct invasion of our beloved country, the Soviets first tied some of our countrymen to slavery, promised them government and positions, and encouraged them against Daud Khan. So they overthrew Sardar Daud Khan’s regime through a planned bloody military coup and gained power.

The Afghan communists came to power not through a popular uprising, but with the support of the Soviets and through a bloody coup, however, unfortunately this coup was termed as the people’s revolution, and then it was immediately used to impose foreign communist ideas through several decrees.

The Afghan communists could not find any support in the Afghan nation with their false slogans; therefore they used force like the American laborers, and they had the desire to irrigate their entire country with a foreign and unfamiliar ideas, thus they both failed.

The decrees and orders of the communists were totally in conflict with the religious and national values and assumptions of the Afghan people, but communists, who were addicted to power, made tireless efforts to fully implement these dreams through oppression, force and despotism and they could not tolerate protests, finally the matter reached such an extent that all the prisons of the country were filled on charges of only verbal protestors and then groups were buried alive or dead.

Since it is not possible to imprison a whole and free nation and bring it to the point of suffocation, it was the time that finally the Afghan people started resistance and the clashes of knives and pistols gradually turned into guns, cannons and bombs.

About a year and a half after the brutal coup of the Afghan communists; On the 6th day of Jadi (1358 Hijri Solar), the Soviet forces directly invaded our beloved country and started writing a new story of horror.

For fourteen years, the Soviets and their internal puppets fought with the Afghan people, one and a half million of our countrymen were martyred, millions became refugees and millions more became homeless!

All praise belongs to almighty Allah, Afghan Muslim nation did not accept the views of Marx and Lenin. and due to the righteous struggle and jihad of the Afghan nation, a small (Russia) was finally left from the great Soviet Union.

The Soviets and their Afghan servants faced a heavy and humiliating defeat. Unfortunately, after their defeat, our wounds were not healed yet, on the 15th of the month of Mizan (1380 Hijri Solar); our dear country was once again invaded by another barbarian invader. This time, the Afghan people faced many cunning and lying crusaders, and like in the past, this time some of our countrymen yet again joined the enemies of Afghanistan and Islam for a few money.

Surprisingly the same communists who killed their countrymen for the sin of not joining the Soviet Union and not accepting the ideas of Marx and Lenin than, now the same gentlemen were standing aside Americans. and this time, they killed their countrymen on why they oppose the Americans and don’t support democracy! in any case; The wisdom demands to learn from the past history and to protect oneself from the dangers described in the past history for the future.

Just as the 6th of Jadi was followed by the 26th of Dalwa and all the Soviet forces left our beloved country, expelled and defeated, in the same way we witnessed the 9th of Sambula after the 15th of Mizan, but the difference was that this time the servants of the invaders ran away before the invaders! Democracy, freedom of speech and all the achievements of 20 years have been destroyed.

In short, the 6th of Jadi (1358 AH) and the 15th of Mizan (1380 AH) are actually the beginning of historical days of falling of two major superpowers.

Allah, the almighty made these two arrogant forces suffer such a shameful defeat in the jihad of the empty-handed Afghans, that they were not only defeated in Afghanistan, but their legs trembled and their awe and pride fell in the whole world.

These two barbaric invading forces had decided to destroy the Afghan nation and each of them wanted this country to remain their colony forever. As history has proved, no one can capture this mortal nation and this ambition of the world’s great empires has been thwarted, so no other power in the world should repeat the mistake of invading Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has assured the whole world that our soil will not be used against anyone, so on the contrary, the world should also choose the path of interaction and diplomacy with us, If someone does not learn from history and still dreams of applying foreign ideas on the faithful Afghan people, then they will face a shameful defeat like the Soviet Union and NATO.

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