February 03, 2023

Work that should have long been done…!!

Work that should have long been done…!!

Following a call by President Trump’s National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien to the lead Kabul administration headman Ashraf Ghani demanding an end to phony excuses obstructing intra-Afghan talks along with immediate release of prisoners and launch of talks – the release process of remaining four hundreds prisoners held in Puli Charkhi, Bagram, Kandahar and other provinces resumed and a large number were freed, raising hopes that the process can be completed in the upcoming two days.

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly stated that it will never procrastinate when it comes to peace and intra-Afghan negotiations, will never create hurdles and will never attempt to dupe its people and the world by throwing dust into their eyes.

As soon as the prisoner release process is completed in line with the agreement, we are prepared to immediately begin intra-Afghan meetings.

But unfortunately, the childish and anti-peace actions of the Kabul officials pushed talks to an extent where a ten-day process took more than six months and a need arose for threats by the White House.

That is exactly why the Afghan people and the Islamic Emirate have maintained that the American side take decisive actions so that their trained friends occupying Arg reevaluate their anti-peace posture or else both the United States and the international community would be held equally responsible for the dire consequences of spoiling peace.

But as the saying goes “be late but be correct” – it is still a welcome and positive sign that a telephone call by the US National Security Advisor can prove itself to be far more effective than the Kabul Loya Jirga and pushes the prisoner release process to completion, brings intra-Afghan meetings closer, removes hurdles and restrains spoilers.

This is something that should have long been done because it would have curtailed death and destruction, reduced the lingering shadow of occupation and cut the hands of misfortune and evil gripping at the neck of Afghans.

It is hoped that the prisoner exchange process can finally be concluded, culminating in an agreement among Afghans that protects all the spiritual and physical values of our believing, oppressed and freedom-seeking nation.

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