February 07, 2023

Who are the true enemies of peace?

Who are the true enemies of peace?

The resolve shown by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that the only way to bringing effective peace in Afghanistan is to talk to those who have started this illegitimate war in Afghanistan is now echoed by the influential westerner intellectuals. Those who have started this invasion of Afghanistan and those who have taken away the rights of the Afghan nation are the tyrannical American invaders.

This logical policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to talk to American invaders about peace and stability rather than talking to their slave regime is now widely accepted by the independent western analysts and other intellectuals.

The explanation of this policy and resolve of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is very well explained and described in the open letter which was published by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to the American people. It attracted the attention of many in the west and specially in America itself. It enlightened the minds of the American public and westerners about how to bring peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

When the American establishment and their officials saw the logical political stance of the Islamic Emirate, they then ordered their puppets to arrange a conference under the title ‘Kabul Process. The second round of this so called Kabul Process was again for show and no solid material was forwarded which could bring about peace in Afghanistan. This Kabul moot was to dampen and reduce the effect caused by the open letter of the Islamic Emirate to the American people and also to show the world that the only obstacle and hurdle in the way of peace and reconciliation are Taliban.

It was to inject this into the mind of the world and the Afghan people that in spite of the offers by Ashraf Ghani, the Taliban are still not willing to sit with the government for peace talks.

But the reality about who are the real enemies of the peace and reconciliation in the country and who is pursuing war is as bright as daylight.

A former United Nations official published a report in a notable news outlet explaining why the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not ready to start talks with the Kabul regime.

This UN official was quoted as saying that the Taliban have logical concerns and their arguments have weight that they want to talk with the Americans instead of the Ashraf Ghani regime.

He also stated that the military strategy for Afghanistan was made in Washington and that the regime in Kabul does not have and did not have any role in that.

This is the basic matter that until now the American insist on war in the region. They insist on bombings, military campaigns and presence of boots in Afghanistan and the region. Afghanistan has become a center of command and control for their military activities and aggressions in the region. The Kabul regime is under so much influence of American invaders that the first and last words are those of the Americans. The permission of peace and war are with the Americans and they have taken the land and air space of Afghanistan under their unlawful control. Ashraf Ghani has himself confessed on many occasions that if the https://modafinilhealth.com Americans were to stop their supplies to the regime forces, they will collapse in a matter of weeks.

Now those who understand logic and reason and those who have wisdom should judge for themselves the correct course and resolve of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan about direct peace talks with the American invaders.

They should question whether the regime in Kabul has any authority to bring peace in Afghanistan?

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