January 27, 2023

Statement of Islamic Emirate marking nineteenth year of US invasion

Statement of Islamic Emirate marking nineteenth year of US invasion

America launched a brutal invasion of our country nineteen years ago today.

The Islamic Emirate, in line with its peaceful policy, recurrently requested the United States, prior to its attack, to make use of dialogue, understanding and constructive diplomacy to find a solution to the issue.

But at the time, the American officials arrogantly rejected all overtures of the Islamic Emirate in a dismissive manner and launched a military invasion on our homeland on the 15th of Mizana 1380 (Hijri Solar) corresponding with 7th October 2001.

Nineteen years later, all sides are in agreement that had the issue been resolved through dialogue and understanding as advocated by the Islamic Emirate from the very outset, and had the peaceful proposals of the Islamic Emirate been received positively, then we would not have had this long war, brutality and persecution, the murder, injuries and displacement of our innocent people, and the rampant expropriation, plunder, bribery, treachery, obscenity, treason, endemic drug production and hundreds of other evils.

America, its allies and coalitions would have also been spared from infamy and war crimes along with great human and material losses.

It is, however, also a welcome development that after nineteen years, negotiations to bring an end to the American occupation were launched in Doha and an agreement concluded and signed — which must now systematically be implemented in order to pave the way for the withdrawal of all foreign forces and for all countries, near and far, including America, to end interference in our internal affairs so that the Afghans may chart the future course of their homeland among themselves in a free and independent atmosphere.

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The Islamic Emirate is committed to resolving all outstanding issues in a conducive environment and also advises the opposition to make use of this opportunity, to understand the gravity of the situation, to join hands in bringing about an inclusive, independent and sovereign Islamic government that is the yearning of all Afghans and to put an end to all obstructions.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

19/02/1442 Hijri Lunar

15/07/1399 Hijri Solar

06/10/2020 Gregorian

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