September 29, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning troop increase by Britain in Afghanistan

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning troop increase by Britain in Afghanistan

Reports have been published that following the failure of new strategy announced by Trump, US officials have put pressure on the British government to send extra troops to the war in Afghanistan in order to reel in the US failure to a degree.

The British Defence Ministry has also confirmed a troop increase in Afghanistan.

The British government is once again sending troops to Afghanistan even though the results of the current and former invasion of our homeland by Britian are such admonitory chapters in our history that contain a lot of lessons for the heedful.

It would be helpful if the British officials carefully read their four military incursions into Afghanistan and historic incidents that occurred in Maiwand, Lata Band and the arenas of Helmand in order utilize those experiences in their new military strategy.

The experiences of the past seventeen years and experimentation with a multitude of prescriptions has all the analysts of Afghanistan and international military experts united in their conclusion that the issue of Afghanistan has no military solution and neither can a regime be enforced in this country through the use of international forces, bombings and military interventions.

It was this understanding of the situation that most of the allied nations who supported the American invasion initially completely pulled out their forces from Afghanistan.

Considering the above realities, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – as the representative of its nation – calls on the British government to save themselves from once again getting involved in this futile and failed American war in Afghanistan.

We also call on the British people to stop their military and government officials from sending their children to the war in Afghanistan, to shed the blood of defenseless and oppressed Afghans and also get themselves killed by the Afghans and in the end return to Britain either as lifeless corpses, amputees or with mental disorders.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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