Ramadan and unilateral calls for ceasefire

This blessed month of Ramadan saw Ashraf Ghani yet again imploring the Taliban for a ceasefire. His appeal hurried forth memories of the catastrophic scene of 2001 when the United States and NATO launched an attack on Afghanistan. In the month of Ramadan, their cluster bombs and cruise missiles descended death upon the helpless Afghan […]

This blessed month of Ramadan saw Ashraf Ghani yet again imploring the Taliban for a ceasefire. His appeal hurried forth memories of the catastrophic scene of 2001 when the United States and NATO launched an attack on Afghanistan. In the month of Ramadan, their cluster bombs and cruise missiles descended death upon the helpless Afghan populace and the soldiers of the Islamic government. These western invaders made life unbearably difficult upon Afghans, and their oppressive armies shed rivers of blood — all in the month of Ramadan.

At the time, Burhanuddin Rabbani requested the US to drop even bigger bombs on the Taliban. Thousands of Mujahideen were besieged in Kunduz and Mazar Sharif, American and NATO disbelievers were carrying out repeated airstrikes, while under Rashid Dostum and other commanders, the Northern Alliance was occupied in slaughtering Mujahideen. They had no concern for the sanctity of the month of Ramadan.

Nobody highlighted the truth that America and NATO are non-Muslims and wretched enemies of Islam and the country. Nobody demanded to be made aware of the crime for which their Muslim brothers were being martyred in their own country. To the contrary, celebrations were being had and delighted faces expressed joy upon hearing announcements of Taliban martyrdoms and arrests. Nobody requested for a ceasefire in the sacred month of Ramadan.

After Ghani’s appeal, one remembers the period from 2014 to 2020. During this administration, his puppet forces made life unbearable for the civilian population. Thousands of civilians were targeted in senseless operations and raids. How many homes were utterly destroyed, mothers left lamenting and innocent faces orphaned without mercy? Countless civilians in Khost, Kandahar, Kunduz, Badghis and other provinces are still being made targets of the savagery of this quisling administration.

Let Ashraf Ghani and his fellows ponder: who has imposed war upon Afghanistan, who is the shameless puppet of invading forces and who is a recipient of dollars? Who is launching attacks on weddings, funerals, hospitals, mosques, madrassas and other educational institutions? Who is speaking of preparations for war? One is pushed to ask, with what audacity does a man who sacrificed seventy thousand soldiers in order to protect Washington request for a ceasefire from the Taliban?

This request of Ghani is in reality disingenuous. Until the conditions for peace are created, the occupation of foreign forces ends, drone and airstrikes of the foreign enemy discontinue and the violent operations of Afghan forces cease, requests for a ceasefire can only be humorous. Ashraf Ghani is well aware that the Taliban shall not declare a ceasefire. Ceasefire was intended merely as a topic around which to focus propaganda efforts. He intended to use this topic as a way to recycle futile points about the Taliban not abstaining from bloodshed in Ramadan. He would shamelessly make such points as Afghan forces commenced operations against the civilian population in various cities. To increase violent operations and request ceasefires simultaneously is yet another example of the quislings’ contradictory policies.

The Islamic Emirate is determined for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. The Mujahideen have offered continuous, selfless sacrifices in the fight against US aggression. It was due to these sacrifices that the inhumane American tyrant was humbled. However, the purpose for which thousands of youth laid down their precious lives has yet to be achieved. Until this purpose has been met, the jihad will continue. To defeat US-led aggression is the fundamental objective of this jihad.

The virtues of jihad increase in the month of Ramadan. The Taliban’s war is not aimed at occupying land or for worldly purposes. Rather, it is for raising the Word of Allah and implementing the Laws of Allah on His land. It is a sacred struggle. Jihad is an obligatory act of worship and its virtues will only increase given the presence of Ramadan in which acts of worship are multiplied in reward. This is very good news for the Mujahideen. It is because of this act of worship that Allah granted them success and America and NATO were inflicted with a humiliating defeat. Now, the standard bearers of freedom are once again emerging victorious after a two-decade long war against the pharaoh of the present times. This could not have been possible without the support of the Afghan public.

Ghani’s appeal for a ceasefire is deceptive. To increase operations and simultaneously plead for a ceasefire is extremely misleading. If Ghani is indeed sincere, then let him take lead in announcing a ceasefire, release Taliban prisoners and then appeal for a ceasefire from the Taliban. In this way, the Afghan people would understand that Ghani genuinely desires a Ramadan ceasefire.

The nation is well acquainted with Ghani’s years-long dramas. All sensible people suspect his sincerity. Hesitating to free Taliban prisoners and releasing them after a six-month delay under American pressure unveiled the true face of Ghani and his claque. In order to win the trust of the public and Taliban, Ghani must take steps in advance. Decisions made and steps taken in haste become a means of embarrassment. Withdrawing from the stance he held one year ago affected Ghani’s reputation. He is a master at making U-turns, so who may trust him? For trust-building, however, it is vital to carry out a few measures.

From the commencement of US aggression until now, the Islamic Emirate has never requested for a halt to savage operations in the sacred month of Ramadan. A one-sided ceasefire request is illogical and indication of weakness. The reality is, until the country’s liberation and the implementation of an Islamic system, the armed and political struggle of the Islamic Emirate shall continue, Allah Willing. With Allah’s Help and public cooperation, the Mujahideen have neared their destination. Soon, we shall be blessed with independence and will benefit from the just system of Islam.

The countless sacrifices of the Mujahideen shall not go to waste. The Mujahideen are fully determined to terminate any obstacle in the way of attaining an Islamic system. Those Mujahideen honored with martyrdom in the month of Ramadan are the subject of envy by their peers given their good fortune. The Mujahideen who carry out the obligation of jihad in this sacred month receive increased rewards because Ramadan is the season of rewards from Allah. Therefore, to avail themselves of this month-long blessing, the Mujahideen engage in their jihad against the enemy with more passion.

The Taliban’s war is no illegitimate conflict to which Ghani must plead for halt. In fact, this is evidence of his ignorance and being unacquainted with Islam. The obligation of jihad is not suspended, rather jihad continues. May Allah accept the sacrifices of the Mujahideen. May He free our country and grant us an an Islamic system.