December 09, 2022

Over 600 needy families recive aid in Logar

Over 600 needy families recive aid in Logar

LOGAR, Nov. 21 – The officials of Logar Refugees and Returnees Affairs Directorate say that ACHRO and UNHCR organizations have provided non-food items to nearly 600 displaced and needy families related to the center and Mohammad Agha district of the province.

The Deputy Governor of Logar Mawlawi Inayatullah Shuja expressed his gratitude for the aid of these institutions in distribution ceremoney of the adi and added that the aid will reach the needy and deserving families in a transparent and fair manner.

11 non-food items were given to each family, which included 2 batteries, 2 solar panels, a frame, a controller, a box, 15 meters of battery line and some other materials.

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