October 07, 2022

Lawlash (Kohistan) district falls to Mujahideen

Lawlash (Kohistan) district falls to Mujahideen

FARYAB, Jun. 12 – Amid ongoing Al Khandaq Operations, Mujahideen carried out assaults on Lawlash district administration center, police headquarter and other installations overnight.

Attacks of heavy and light arms lasted till late night hours intensely, overrunning all the said installations after causing serious toll to enemy while forcing the rest to flee leaving 4 corpses behind.

It is said that commander Abdul Wakil is also among those killed and wounded during the operation.

Enemy is currently under tight siege of Mujahideen in Khair Abad area of the district.

Several heavy and light arms have been confiscated, the details of which will be published later.

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