December 04, 2022

Health Minister Discusses Key Issues with his Pakistani Counterpart

Health Minister Discusses Key Issues with his Pakistani Counterpart

KABUL, Nov. 15 – Minister of Public Health of the Islamic Emirate and his accompanying delegation met with his counterpart, the Minister of Public Health of Pakistan Abdul Qadir Patel in Islamabad, on Tuesday.

The meeting focused on comprehensive cooperation between the two countries, based on which some of the following works for further cooperation and coordination will be done.


1- For the first time the specialization program of Afghan doctors in line with the international norms wi started in Kabul and College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) branch will be opened in Kabul through which MCPS and FCPS training will be conducted within the country, the memorandum of understanding to be officially signed between the two ministries in the next coming days.

2: An agreement was reached on regular operation of three hospitals built by Pakistan in Afghanistan.


3: Joint cooperation in capacity building of health workers


4: Cooperation and increasing coordination between the two countries in the eradication of polio.


It is to be noted that recently, the Ministry of Public Health has initiated tremendous efforts to strengthen Afghanistan’s health system with neighboring countries as well as regional countries.

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