November 29, 2022

For the Attention of the Participants of the Upcoming Munich Security Conference

For the Attention of the Participants of the Upcoming Munich Security Conference

A conference under the name of Security Conference is scheduled to be convened from 17-19 February in the German city of Munich. The Secretary General of UN, Presidents of different countries including Head of States of Western countries, foreign ministers, defense ministers, members of the parliaments and other prominent figures are to participate in the conference. The aim of the conference is to discuss and find solutions to vital issues of the world.

Similar conferences were held in the past but unfortunately, problems of the world have further escalated and complicated instead of being solved. One of the reasons is that participants of such conferences are interested more in slogans and rhetoric rather than in real solutions of the problems i.e. instead of admitting the rights of the miserable nations, they see the solution of problems in suppressing and further depriving the arising and awake people from their rights. It is a fact that today the media is in the hands of the power-holders. They have the instruments to give the miserable nations any name that they want to give but the people of clear conscience know who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed. They could not change realities and facts by merely spreading negative propaganda.

Therefore, we call on the participants of Munich Conference that it is necessary for the leaders of the world, especially the Western leaders to review their approach and their current strategy of resolving the present problems. Likewise, they should come forward with real solutions of the problems.

We ask the participants that when independent countries are occupied; whenever the indigenous people are deprived of peaceful and independent life; when they are neither able to lead their life (with dignity) nor form a government as per their faith and aspirations; when women, men and children are stained with their blood under the fake name of terrorism and radicalism, then how is it possible to establish peace? Where force and power holds sway instead of truth and justice and everything is imposed and solved by the use of force then how could someone expect peace?

If someone wants peace in the world, then the invading countries should give all legitimates rights to the people of the occupied countries including independence and those rights which they want for themselves. This world is a shared home of all. Those who wield weapons and wealth should come out from the trance of power. Since they claim advocacy of human rights, they should themselves first observe and implement human rights and values and should respect the rights of others because peace, stability and security is enclosed in this.

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