September 25, 2022

Enemy suffers heavy losses amid Operation Mansoori

Enemy suffers heavy losses amid Operation Mansoori

LAGHMAN, Apr. 29 – Al-Emarah News said Mujahideen have conducted dozens of attacks over the last two days since the Operation Mansoori began on Friday.

In one attack later on Friday, Mujahideen overran a combat post in Badpakh district of the eastern province of Laghman, while there have been no reports of the enemy losses.

Elsewhere in the Badpakh, 3 puppets were injured in Mujahideen attacks on the enemy combat posts, while the district center of this district came under Mujahideen attack later on Friday.

Early On Friday, 3 policemen and 1 soldier suffered wounds after Mujahideen stormed a check post in Mehtarlam city, the provincial capital of Laghman province.

In the morning hours of Friday, Mujahideen attacks a number of the enemy combat posts and H.Q of this distict of Alishang district in the eastern province of Laghman.

Shortly after attacks on the enemy army installations and government facilities, Mujahideen stormed  some posts belonging to Arbakis in Alishang district of the province in which 2 Arbakis were killed and 5 others were wounded with a tank being destroyed.

Similarly, the road connecting Alishang district and the Mehtarlam city was closed off by Mujahideen, preventing the enemy’s entry and exist along the road on Friday.

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