December 08, 2022

Districts fall; 98 enemy personnel join Mujahideen

Districts fall; 98 enemy personnel join Mujahideen

TAKHAR, June 21 – The administrative building of Bangi district, Takhar province, its police headquarters and checkpoints were taken over by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate.

Arms and ammunition were seized from the enemy.

Likewise, Darah-e-Souf district fell to Mujahideen with police headquarters and checkpoints in northern Samangan province.

In the capital of Takhar province, Mujahideen seized a base and many posts were taken over.

In Takhar province’s Baharak district 80 enemy personnel surrendered themselves to Mujahideen following the fall of police headquarters and intelligence directorate.

The group handed over their arms to Mujahideen.

In Laghman province’s Alishang district, 18 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen with all the posts.

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