December 02, 2022

Crime rate dropped by 90% in Helmand

Crime rate dropped by 90% in Helmand

HELMAND, Nov. 14 – The crime rate i  Helmand province has dropped by 90% compared to the previous year says officials of Criminal Investigation Department.

Dozens of people have been arrested in connection with the crimes and handed over to the judiciary, they said.

According to the Helmand Police Headquarters, they have registered 49 cases of robbery, 20 cases of murder, 12 cases of war, 5 cases of homosexuality and one case of kidnappings.

Mawlawi Abdullah (Rohani), the head of the Criminal Investigation Department, said that at the same time, he had received 72 legal cases.

He said the crime rate is reduced because they have taken special measures to prevent crimes and incidents.

Mr. Rohani says that prevention of administrative and moral corruption and illegal activities is one of his top priorities.

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