September 29, 2022

Another Positive Step for the Reduction of Civilian Casualties

Another Positive Step for the Reduction of Civilian Casualties

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – despite grappling with the foreign occupation of Afghanistan and campaigning against their internal regime forces, and despite having limited resources compared to the Kabul regime – yet has never neglected the needs of our war-torn people and our social infrastructures.


In order to cater for our nation’s civil and criminal disputes, the Islamic Emirate has established an effective judiciary system with a three-tier court system comprising of District Courts, Court of Appeal and a Supreme Court. These courts have gone a long way in resolving civil and criminal disputes across the nation and have contributed towards the social and civil stability of Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate’s judiciary has helped ordinary Afghans resolve their dispute without resorting to the corrupt and bribery-ridden courts of Kabul regime.


Similarly the Islamic Emirate has set out to reduce the poverty plaguing our nation by establishing an independent Commission that provides monetary and non-monetary support to the poor and vulnerable people across the country. Previous Ramadan the above Commission distributed ten million Afghanis worth of food produce to over 10,000 families across the nation.


Due to the result of wars, traffic incidents and natural disasters, we are facing a high civilian casualty rate. In order to reduce this loss the Islamic Emirate has established a Commission for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties which takes great pains to reduce civilian casualties and prevent their repetition.


The highest contributor to civilian casualties following those resulting from aerial bombardment and use of heavy and indiscriminate weaponry is traffic incidents. A few days ago the Islamic Emirate’s above-named Commission met with the representatives of Afghanistan’s major transport companies and proposed new guidelines that has the potential of greatly reducing the casualty rate resulting from traffic incidents.


This proposed guideline contains eleven articles which were discussed with the owners of transport companies. The plenipotentiaries expressed satisfaction with the rules contained therein and consensually adopted these guidelines for informing their future conduct. For example one article of the guideline pertains to drivers of transport vehicles. It stipulates that drivers must be familiar with traffic rules and bring proper documents verifying their soundness for the job. Drivers of transport companies should not be someone that consumes alcohol or other behavior-changing drugs. They should pay heed to the needs of their passengers yet not drive recklessly or dangerously. Drivers should take care to observe the religious needs of their passengers. They should not overcharge passengers. And other such matters.


The said Commission and the representatives of the transport owners issued a statement supporting the guidelines and expressed hope that the new guidelines will help in reducing traffic casualties. This statement also announces speed limits for transport vehicles, the estimated times for reaching major destinations and other such matters. This statement was jointly signed by all parties involved.


This piece provided a brief glimpse at some of recent activities of the Islamic Emirate for the improvement of our quality of lives and to prevent the unnecessary loss of civilian lives

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