An inclusive interview with ‘Moulavi Rahimulla’, the head of southern zone

N.B. The Military Commission is the largest and the most effective organ in the present setup of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which shoulders the responsibility of planning, monitoring, sustaining and evolving the ongoing armed Jihad against the foreign infidel invaders and their internal mercenary supporters. Jihadi in-charges, governors, district heads, provincial and district commissions […]

N.B. The Military Commission is the largest and the most effective organ in the present setup of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which shoulders the responsibility of planning, monitoring, sustaining and evolving the ongoing armed Jihad against the foreign infidel invaders and their internal mercenary supporters. Jihadi in-charges, governors, district heads, provincial and district commissions and various other organs are administered by the Military Commission of the Islamic Emirate. Among the strategic formats of the Military Commission are ‘Zones’ in which, the Jihadi activities of several provinces are guided and controlled by a separate organ of the Military Commission, or ‘Zone’.

This time, we would like to draw your attention to an inclusive interview conducted with ‘Moulavi Rahimullah’, the head of Southern Zone (Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan and Daikundi provinces) of Military Commission.

Question: First of all, if you could introduce yourself to our respected readers?


نحمده و نصلی علی رسوله الکریم اما بعد!

My name is Moulavi Rahimullah from ‘Nawa’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province. Previously, I worked as the deputy governor of ‘Ghazni’ province, and then as a member of the Military Commission of the Islamic Emirate. For the last one year, I have been appointed as zonal in-charge of Military Commission for Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan and Daikundi provinces.


Question: What are the main responsibilities of these zonal circles of Military Commission in conducting their Jihadi activities?

Answer: For having equal and balanced access and attention to all provinces of the country, the Military Commission of the Islamic Emirate has assigned the responsibility of different provinces to specific members of this Commission; i.e. some members are responsible for southern provinces, while some others are in-charge of monitoring the Jihadi activities of western or Northern provinces. These groups of Military Commission are called ‘Circles’. Each one of them is administered by a ‘zonal in-charge’ under the supervision of the head of the Military Commission and his deputy.

Making and sharing Jihadi plans and strategies with provincial governors, district heads and various other Mujahidin, co-ordination of Jihadi activities among different provinces, resolving various minor issues among Mujahidin, monitoring military and civil activities, supplying Mujahidin in all parts of the country and conveying and sharing their issues with the leadership are some of the main responsibilities of these zonal circles of Military Commission of the Islamic Emirate.

These circles, consisting of members of the Military Commission, have been significantly helpful in coordination among various provinces and harmonizing Mujahidin of different areas. Issues of civilian people, or those of Mujahidin, which are not addressed or solved by governor or provincial commission, are referred to the zonal circles. Similarly, members of these circles are always available in the area during all kind of Jihadi operations for supplying and coordinating various groups of Mujahidin.


Question: If you could inform us about the achievements of Mujahidin during ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations in the areas under your jurisdiction?

Answer: As you know, by the grace of Almighty Allah, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate had significant triumphs and achievements in all parts of the country. Several districts were conquered and liberated and the enemy was pushed back. Various strategic areas and main highways were brought under control. Numerous strongholds of the enemy were seized and their jurisdiction was minimized to district and provincial centers in most parts of the country. Our operational zone of Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan and Daikundi provinces was no less jubilant than any other area in magnitude of these achievements.

In the following, I would like to briefly explain the successes and conquests of Mujahidin in the areas under our jurisdiction.

First of all, Kandahar province is highly significant – from strategic point of view – in the southern zone of Afghanistan as the command and control center of the enemy is located here and fightings in all neighboring provinces are guided and controlled by the wicked foreign invaders and their internal mercenary supporters from this province. Therefore it has been a strong military center of foreign troops and their internal mercenaries throughout the last fifteen years of illegitimate occupation.

But this year, Mujahidin had significant achievements in this province. For instance, the main Kandahar-Uruzgan road was controlled by them after conquering and dismantling 28 military posts of the enemy alongside this strategic highway, resulting in liberation of all adjacent areas from the enemy.

In the recurrent attacks of Mujahidin during this year in ‘Shah-Wali-Kot’ and ‘Maiwand’ districts, unprecedented casualties and losses were inflicted on the enemy. According to precise reports, only in ‘Maiwand’ district, more than 500 enemy forces were killed and numerous others were wounded this year. Since huge losses and casualties were suffered by the enemy in all confrontational as well as infiltrated attacks, they therefore faced a severe scarcity of personnel, hindering them from any further implementation of their operations.

‘Nesh’ is another strategic district of Kandahar province, which observed the heavy presence of enemy forces throughout the previous fifteen years of brutal foreign occupation. This year, most part of this district came under Mujahidin’s control and the enemy was confined to the district center only.

Similarly, ‘Ghorak’ district was completely conquered and liberated by our courageous Mujahidin, in which, heavy casualties and losses were inflicted on the enemy, while huge bounties were seized by Mujahidin.

Moreover, guerilla attacks of Mujahidin have significantly increased inside Kandahar city and in various other districts of this province, in which, several minor and major successful attacks were executed against the enemy.

‘Ragistan’ district, situated in the south of Kandahar province, is still under Mujahidin’s control; while ‘Shorabak’ is totally besieged. Similarly, significant progress has been made in the eastern districts of ‘Maruf’ and ‘Raghistan’ as well.


Question: Just like Kandahar, if you could brief us about the Jihadi situation of Helmand and Uruzgan provinces?

Answer: In the series of ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations, Mujahidin have progressed quite significantly in Uruzgan province too. Previously, no suburban areas of ‘Tarin-Kot’ city (the capital of this province) were controlled by Mujahidin but in the wake of ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations, with the exception of the capital city itself, all the surrounding areas are conquered and controlled by them. On the eastern side, Mujahidin reached to ‘Garmao’ and ‘Murad-Abad’ areas; on the northern side, to ‘Darweshan’ and on the western side from ‘Pai Nawa’ direction, they are on the limits of the capital city, by conquering and liberating vast areas by the grace of Almighty Allah.

During ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations inside ‘Uruzgan’ province, more than 100 military posts and more than 15 military bases of the enemy were conquered by Mujahidin in which huge amount of bounties comprising of light and heavy weapons and ammunition was seized. Besides this, more than 70 ranger-type vehicles and tanks, 10 transport vehicles and hundreds of mortar guns and their shells were also captured by Mujahidin which made them self-sufficient from ammunition point of view.

In ‘Omar’ Jihadi operations, 20 military posts and five military bases were conquered in ‘Chora’ district, and now, only the center of this district is controlled by the enemy. The main road of ‘Deh-Raud’ district, passing through ‘Kotal-Morcha’ came under Mujahidin’s control. Presently, ‘Deh-Raud’, ‘Khas-Urzgan’, ‘Chinartu’, ‘Chora’ and ‘Char-Chinay’ districts of ‘Uruzgan’ province are completely besieged and the enemy can no longer get any ground supply or logistics.

Similarly, unprecedented conquests were achieved by Mujahidin inside Helmand province. By the grace of Almighty Allah, ‘Khanashin’ and ‘Nawa’ districts of this province were completely conquered and liberated by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. Previously, Mujahidin had only guerilla fighting inside ‘Garmsir’ district but now, only the center of this district is left with the enemy and all other areas are controlled by Mujahidin. Similarly, ‘Nad-Ali’, ‘Baba-Jee’ and ‘Chah-i-Injeer’ districts and several other areas in the suburbs of ‘Lashkar-Gah’ city are conquered and liberated by Mujahidin. The whole chain of the so called security check-posts of notorious and unrestrained Arbaki militiamen has been dismantled and rolled back by Mujahidin, thus turning the malicious objectives of brutal American invaders into ashes.

Besides this, in the outskirts of ‘Grishk’, ‘Marja’ and ‘Sangin’ districts, remarkable progress is made by Mujahidin by capturing several military posts of the enemy and inflicting heavy casualties and losses on them each time.

Another, worth-mentioning progress of Mujahidin was the control of main ‘Kandahar-Lashkargah’ highway, which was twice seized by them last year. And now, it can be blocked any time by Mujahidin if needed. They enemy is badly crushed inside Helmand province and the deployment of unrestrained Arbaki militiamen, a long-term strategy of foreign invaders, has been totally abolished.

During last year, another significant achievement of Mujahidin inside Helmand province was the detection and exposure of conspiracies which were conceived and planned by the stooge commander ‘Jabbar Qaharman’, by using some rebellious sects for the purpose of popular uprising against Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. But, by the grace of Almighty Allah, the vigilant and responsible Mujahidin of Helmand province spotted this devious conspiracy on-time and nipped the evil in the bud.

During last year, considerable Jihadi activities were carried out in some parts of ‘Daikundi’ province too. In this series, nearly 20 military posts of the enemy were captured in ‘Gizab’ district, by reaching on the threshold of the central city. In these operations, 80 guns were seized by Mujahidin. Likewise, the enemy was brought under severe recurrent attacks in ‘Ajristan’ district of this province, in which, some areas were liberated. Generally, all provinces under our jurisdiction were the witness of significant conquests during last year and Mujahidin were quite successful in all their Jihadi operations by the grace of Almighty Allah.


Question:  Have all military posts and bases and other liberated areas been conquered militarily, or in some areas, the enemy’s forces surrendered too?

Answer: In the beginning, most areas were captured in fighting. But later on, it was gradually realized by the enemy forces that laying down their arms is safer and a more preferable way for them hence they surrendered in large numbers. Another remarkable achievement of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate was their success in crushing the fighting morale of the enemy by defeating them in the battlefields and inducing them to surrender by warmly welcoming and rewarding those who had already laid down their arms and amalgamated with Mujahidin. This initiative was largely successful and it had tumultuous effects inside the enemy’s ranks as on some occasions, entire bases of the enemy gave up their resistance and surrendered to Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. All the surrendered forces were welcomed, honored and eventually set free after giving them a considerable amount of money for reaching their destinations according to the Islamic and humane rules and regulations of Mujahidin. After that, contacts of enemy’s forces with Mujahidin have increased tremendously by promising to lay down their arms once they reach any nearest Mujahidin location or frontline.


Question: How do you evaluate the situation inside liberated areas? Have Mujahidin preserved and guaranteed basic rights of civilian people there?

Answer: In all liberated areas, security, the urgent demand of civilian people, is restored. People’s lives, properties and honor is safeguarded. No incidents of looting, killing and plunder is reported from areas under Mujahidin’s control. Civilian courts and various other organs are operational for smoothly solving various issues of local people. Non-concerned Mujahidin have nothing to do with common people. Overall, civilian people are happy and satisfied with these courts of Mujahidin, as their cases and disputes are solved fairly and urgently by leaving no room for the saying ‘justice delayed is justice denied’.


Question: Recently, the American invaders announced that they would deploy nearly 300 fresh troops in Helmand province. What do you think is the main cause behind this move, and can it turn the tables considerably?

Answer: During last year, Mujahidin had significant achievements and progress in Helmand province by inflicting heavy losses and casualties on the enemy. The enemy can easily discern that, in the following year, Mujahidin would definitely increase their attacks and Jihadi operations. Americans, once having tens of thousands well-equipped forces deployed in Helmand province and getting badly defeated in the past in this area, are trying once again to boost the morale of their internal mercenary forces by encouraging them with promises of non abandonment. But the well-known fact is that it is more propaganda and less of a reality.

I believe that if we are faithful to and consistent with our principles and ideals, then we will avail the benevolence and support of Almighty Allah and no power on earth would be able to prevent our Jihadi accomplishments and progress. In the past, the American invaders had deployed tens of thousands of their occupying forces in Helmand province and its adjacent areas but all in vain as they could not inhibit our lofty Jihadi struggle. How can they bring a remarkable change, as conceived by them, in the present scenario by sending such a limited number of already defeated forces?


Question: In the end, do you have any message for our respected readers?

Answer: My message, generally to all Muslims and particularly to our Mujahidin, is that they should be fully attentive about their individual purification of mind and manners. Next they should be vigilant about their internal unity and brotherhood by sincerely obeying the leadership of the Islamic Emirate, which is the basic prerequisite for the success of our lofty Jihad, because ‘united we stand and divided we fall’.

Secondly, we should treat the ordinary people in the light of noble Islamic manners and etiquettes. All of our civilians are pious and religious people who have rendered tremendous sacrifices for defending their creed and liberating their country from all kind of foreign invasions in the history. They have supported our Mujahidin by providing all their basic needs and requirements.

Since our Jihadi struggle is for a lofty and nobler ideal, i.e. to emancipate our oppressed people from the yoke of foreign brutal invaders and their mercenaries, therefore, we might have missed our objectives if our own people are annoyed at any stage, by any means and by any one among us.

Let us pray to Almighty Allah that he may guide us to the right path and keep us determined in achieving the holy cause of Jihad by liberating our beloved homeland from infidel invaders, by reinstating its sovereignty and restoring peace and stability herein in the light of lofty Islamic Sharia. Amin!!!