November 26, 2022

Afghan people demand end of occupation

Afghan people demand end of occupation

As the new administration led by Biden takes control of the White House in the United States of America and launches a policy review about Afghanistan, the Afghan people here have once again raised their voices and called on the new American government to bring an end to occupation of Afghanistan in line with the Doha agreement.

Various strata of the Afghan society recently launched an unprecedented unified social media campaign in multiple languages from all provinces inside the country as well as abroad, demanding American troops leave Afghanistan and bring an end to the occupation. Nearly the entire social stratum irrespective of language, regional, ethnic or other affiliation participated in the campaign and once again showcased the universal opposition of the believing Afghan nation towards occupation.

If on the one hand, the unified anti-occupation stance of the Afghan nation displayed the unity and common view of our people concerning vital issues, then on the other, it also conveyed a message to America, that opposition towards occupation is not the policy of some political party or group, rather the entire nation opposes foreign intervention on the basis of their religious values, considers it the source of the crisis and demands its immediate end.

Instead of constructing policy on the basis of reviews and recommendations presented by strategists and sellout Kabul administration officials, it would serve the Biden administration well to listen to the demands and unanimous opinion of the Afghan nation because historic experiences have proven that when the general public of an occupied land oppose a foreign force, the end result will unfailingly be defeat and expulsion of the invaders no matter the size and scope of its strength and capabilities.

Another point worth noting is that the White House has repeatedly conducted reviews of the Afghan situation over the course of twenty years, which have almost always arrived at a conclusion that this conflict has no military solution. It is in the interest of both the Afghan and American sides that dialogue and negotiations are utilized over force. The previous administration adopted this posture after many reviews and launched talks with the Islamic Emirate in Doha, culminating in the signing of an agreement between both sides following protracted negotiations.

This internationally recognized and supported agreement which stipulates bringing an end to the Afghan occupation and guarantees about non-threat to America from this land is the most sensible, rational and practical solution for resolving the Afghan issue. The Afghan people believe that this accord is the best way forward for resolving the Afghan problem, while all other pathways will merely be a repeat of former bitter experiences.

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