October 03, 2022

7 puppets killed, many hurt in country’s east

7 puppets killed, many hurt in country’s east

KUNAR, Mar. 19 – At least 6 puppets including 2 officers were killed and a dozen more were injured when Mujahideen raided an enemy base in Chapa Darah district of Kunar province on Saturday.

Almost simultaneously, there was an explosion close to the base targeting an armored tank in which 3 puppets were killed another 3 suffered wounds.

Elsewhere in the said district, a checkpoint came under attack in which a puppet soldier was wounded.

In another report, a post came under attack in Chapa Darah district of this province early Sunday, while an army base was pounded with mortar rounds in Manawara district of this province. But there are no reports of the enemy casualty toll in both attacks.

Al-Emarah News said separately, Mujahideen and the local people of the Shigal district worked on tree plantation as per the directive from Amir-ul-Momineen in the said district on Saturday and different areas were planted with trees.

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