October 04, 2022

Water supply network project started in Paktika

Water supply network project started in Paktika

PAKTIKA, Sep. 09 – Construction work of three 3 water supply network projects started in Paktika on Wednesday said local Officials at the department of Paktika Rural Rehabilitation and Development of the province.

These water supply networks are being under construction in Yusoof Khel, Zarghoon Shahr and Argon districts of the province, which will the projects provide safe drinkable water to thousands of people, officials added.

The projects built in cooperation with national Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program of the Department of Villages, Reconstruction and Development in Adana and with the financial support of UNICEF.

Paktika Authority Chief of the projects Engineer Nawab Khan Omari told media that this network is being built with the financial support of UNICEF at a cost of nearly eleven million AFN.

Meanwhile, the residents of the mentioned sites expressed their happiness over the construction of potable water networks and thanked the officials of the Paktika Province Rural Rehabilitation and Development Department for implementing this vital and necessary project.

According to officials, at the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitstion and Development, the works of clean water supply networks and wells are continues on in various districts including the center of the province based on the various programs of the Ministry of Paktika province.

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