October 03, 2022

34 killed, 9 vehicles destroyed in Kabul; post seized

34 killed, 9 vehicles destroyed in Kabul; post seized

KABUL, Aug. 3 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, in an early morning operation aimed at the enemy convoys and the posts located along Kabul-Jalalabad road, took over 2 enemy posts and destroyed 2 tanks and 4 military vehicles in the limits Sarobi district of Kabul province on Tuesday morning, according to Al-Emarah News reports.

As many as 28 enemy soldiers suffered casualties, while Mujahideen captured various kinds of arms, ammo and other military equipment from the enemy and took 2 puppets prisoners during the daylong operations, it added.

Tahir, a puppet officer commanding the enemy in the very fighting was among those killed in Tuesday’s operations.

Early Wednesday, a roadside bomb blast hit and destroyed an enemy vehicle along Kabul-Baghlan road in the vicinity of Deh Sabz district of Kabul province, leaving 5 puppets dead.

In a fresh news from Kabul, a puppet was killed and two others were wounded with two vehicles destroyed in Sarobi district on Wednesday.


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