September 29, 2022

20 puppets killed, 29 hurt in Balkh attacks

20 puppets killed, 29 hurt in Balkh attacks

BALKH, Apr. 12 – Al-Emarah News said a 10-hour-long gun battle between Mujahideen and enemy forces in Albarz district of northern Balkh province killed at least 9 puppets and left more than 13 injured on Tuesday.

Similarly, an additional 11 Arbakis including a commander were killed and at least 16 more suffered wounds in clashes with Mujahideen elsewhere in the aforesaid district of Balkh province on the same day. Two of the enemy vehicles were destroyed in the clashes.

Also Tuesday, a roadside bomb blast ripped through the vehicle ferrying the district police chief in Chahi district of Balkh province, leaving unknown number of the puppets dead and wounded.

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