October 05, 2022

2 combat posts seized in country’s east; 16 killed

2 combat posts seized in country’s east; 16 killed

 NANGARHAR, Mar. 12 – As many as 16 joint enemy personnel have been killed in the intense fighting in eastern Nangarhar province  of Afghanistan as two of the enemy combat post fell to Mujahideen, according to Al-Emarah News reports.

Al-Emarah corresponded said, Mujahideen raided a post belonging to local militia in Ghani Khel district of eastern Nangarhar province Late yesterday night that prompted a firefight resulting in killing 8 Arbaki lapdogs, adding it did not take Mujahideen long to overrun the post.

Mujahideen seized from the enemy possession 5 Kalashnikov rifles, 2 PK heavy antitank machine guns, 1 hand grenade and a good deal of ammunition and military equipment, he further said.

Almost simultaneously, Mujahideen stormed another post and dragged the enemy reinforcement in clashes in which the enemy inflicted further losses of life and injuries, while 2 armored personnel carriers, too, were destroyed in the fighting.

A Mujahid fighter embraced martyrdom with one suffering injuries in the exchange o fire in last night’s operation.

A little later than two hours, Mujahideen fighters seized an enemy combat post in Khogyani district of the province last night, killing at least 6 policemen including an officer.

Mujahideen captured from enemy 3 Kalashnikov rifles and a sizeable amount of ammo.

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