September 30, 2022

15 puppets killed, 8 hurt in clashes in Wardak   

15 puppets killed, 8 hurt in clashes in Wardak   

WARDAK, Nov. 21 – Early Tuesday Mujahideen opened fire on the enemy military convoy in the limits of the capital of Wardak province, halting it into a halt and triggered a firefight in which 7 puppets were killed and 5 more were wounded.

Similarly, Mujahideen seized from the enemy 2 Kalashnikov rifles and 2 machine guns with ammo, while an Imam who leads Salah (prayer) was martyred in the enemy fire.

In another report, at least 5 puppets were killed and 3 more wounded in clashes with Mujahideen in the capital of Wardak province on Monday, while a roadside bomb blast ripped into a vehice elsewhere in the city on the same day.

Fighting raged in Jalriz district of Wardak province on Monday in which an unknown number of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties, whereas a Mujahid fighter embraced martyrdom with 2 more wounded in the fighting.

Also Monday, a puppet soldier was killed and another was injured following an ambush attack by Mujahideen in Syed Abad district of Wardak province.

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