November 27, 2022

11 killed, 12 hurt in Laghman operation

11 killed, 12 hurt in Laghman operation

 LAGHMAN, Feb. 15 – Al-Emarah News says as many as 11 puppets have been killed and an additional 12 were wounded in a deadliest fighting in eastern Laghman province.

The fighting began with Mujahideen blocking off the road followed by blasts and direct shooting attacks in Alishang district of Laghman province early Wednesday morning.

At least 6 puppets were killed and a further 8 suffered injuries with three tanks destroyed in the attacks and bombings.

Later, there were clashes between Mujahdieen and the joint enemy personnel on the outskirts of Mehtarlam city, the capital of the province which led to killing 5 puppets, while 4 puppets suffered wounds. Two armored personnel carriers were destroyed after coming under Mujahideen heavy arms fire. Two Mujahideen fighters were wounded in the entire operation.

Sadly a woman and a child were martyred when they were buried under the debris of house into which the enemy crashed their tank while they were trying to flee the site in a state of much panic.

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