October 04, 2022

1 American invader, 7 puppets killed in Kunduz

1 American invader, 7 puppets killed in Kunduz

KUNDUZ, Apr. 17 – A deadly fighting unfolded after the combined U.S invaders and their puppets tried to break through Mujahideen positions, killed 1 U.S invaders and 2 commanders in Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province last night. A Mujahid fighter, too, embraced martyrdom in last night’s fighting.

On Monday, 3 puppets were killed and 2 more were wounded with a vehicle destroyed when Mujahideen took the enemy by surprise in Khanabad district of Kunduz province, sparking off a half-hour long gunfight.

In another report from Kunduz, two Arbakis were killed when a roadside bomb blast hit and destroyed the motorbike they were riding on in Qal-e-Zal district of Kunduz province on Sunday.

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