January 29, 2023

UNAMA civilian casualty report is sourced from enemy reports and inaccurate

UNAMA civilian casualty report is sourced from enemy reports and inaccurate

Today UNAMA office in Kabul published its third quarterly report about civilian casualties.

This report has again compiled its civilian casualty figures from information routinely published by enemy security and intelligence organs as propaganda.

The UNAMA report has attributed 44% of all civilian casualties to the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, even attributing criminal cases and attacks conducted by the Kabul administration to the Islamic Emirate.

We reject this report. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate are exerting utmost efforts to bring civilian casualty levels to zero and a special commission is assigned to closely follow the issue.

The underlying cause of civilian casualties as known to the entire nation is the enemy airstrikes, targeting of villages and homes with heavy artillery and mortar fire, abuse of locals by Arbaki militias and attacks on public places, with indiscriminate airstrikes on mosques and civilian homes in Takhar, Kunduz and other provinces serving as recent examples that left dozens of children, women and men martyred and severely wounded. Conversely, all operations of the Islamic Emirate target known enemy military installations.

UNAMA must work diligently on the accuracy and authenticity of their reports, not use the issue of civilian casualties as tool for political pressure and propaganda and not source their information from enemy reports either.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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