February 02, 2023

Rising vice and public apprehension

Rising vice and public apprehension

The media reported last Friday that seven people died from drug overdoses that day in Kabul, including the bodies of a woman and three young men retrieved from a storage container. This news came days after the body of the director of a private TV channel was also discovered in similar circumstances.

Crime is found in every society and city, but the nature of moral degradation and crimes rampant in cities under the control of Kabul are quite unique and worrisome. Our noble people had rarely ever seen such shocking moral crime incidents, and the type of things taking place in areas administrated by Kabul on a daily basis would otherwise rarely ever occur in an entire year. Not only moral degradation but crimes such as theft, homicide, kidnappings etc have also skyrocketed to an extent that it has raised serious alarms among residents living Kabul and other cities.

If we were to delve into the causes of such tragedies, then the greatest cause is perhaps the absence of an Islamic governance system. Reform in society foremost begins from reform of officials and rulers because every society follows its leadership. A famous Arabic proverb says “People follow the religion of their King”. But since stooges, thieves, scavengers and rogue elements have been imposed upon our people as a result of the 19-year occupation, it is no wonder that these evil traits have found fertile ground in society and our people, specifically those residing in cities, are facing seismic challenges.

The graph of criminal activity is much higher than that trickling into the press, and the media is deliberately not covering its true extent because of the bad optics its produces for the Kabul administration. In tandem with other enduring harms, moral vice and delinquency among the youth birthed by the occupation and rulership are calamities that shall continue to gnaw at our people for a long time to come.

The sole tonic able to remedy these ills and tragedy is that a just and righteous Islamic system takes hold so that society can be enlightened with the rays of Shariah, the youth may find access to Islamic knowledge and manners, and all administrative, cultural, economic, media and other affairs begin operating within an Islamic framework. We believe that social reform can only be achieved with an Islamic system and a narration of the great scholar of Islam, Imam Malik (RA), is this regard should be set in stone when he said: “The last of this Ummah (nation) will not be reformed except with what the first was reformed”. And the first generation was only reformed when they followed Islamic dictates.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan emphasizes on the need for an Islamic system because Shariah is intertwined with success in this life and the next, it serves as the solution for all our problems and it is the only way out of the current tragedy, corruption, depravity and misery.

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