September 30, 2022

Qala Zal district falls to Mujahideen

Qala Zal district falls to Mujahideen

KUNDUZ, July. 20 – Officials reporting from northern Kunduz province say that Qala Zal district which was under the tight siege of Mujahideen for the past 3 days has now (late afternoon hours) completely fallen under the control of Islamic Emirate.

The latest round of clashes in which the district administration building, police HQ, municipality and all the remaining check posts fell to the Mujahideen has left 8 hirelings dead and 15 others wounded.

Similarly Mujahideen seized 5 pickup trucks, 1 transport vehicle, 1 motorbike and a sizable amount of arms and military equipment.

Officials add that only 3 Mujahideen have been injured in the entire duration of the fighting.

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