September 28, 2022

Pieces 10, a memorable day of history

Pieces 10, a memorable day of history

By Hammad Afghan Shirzad

There have been several attempts to reach peace and reconciliation agreements between different parties, countries and movements throughout history, of which some have met with success, while the others led to more serious conflicts. The fact that the treaties and contracts have existed and the parties involved in conflicts have tried to root out the factors of the conflicts to end them go back long way. Here we are going to mention a similar historical treaty as an example.

Afghanistan is a strategic country that the global forces have always made failed attempts to occupy but it cost them dear and they had to pay the price for it in terms of human and material losses. They tested their strength in Afghanistan, be it the British or Russians, but achieved nothing except failure and humiliation, whose stories of disgraceful defeat began to circulate through the world and would be quoted as example to learn from them; yet the other superpower, along with the rest of the world, made their way through this land and recorded great stories of horror and atrocities.

The land of martyrs and Islam-loving people has never given way to the domination and might of the outsiders. As a result, one of history’s greatest conflicts began. Jihad was waged, sacrifices were made, and villages, homes and markets were destroyed. Weddings, ceremonies, funerals and festivities were bombed. There were funeral processions and cries of grief, mourning and poverty everywhere. But this nation did not accept defeat; it did not succumb to the enemies. To end with, the enemy was brought to their knees and forced out of the country. Alhmadulliah (praise be to Allah).

The U.S came to Afghanistan with different dreams, hopes, thoughts, but their dreams never came true, and their hopes and thoughts failed to materialize due to the holy resistance and struggle. To cover up its humiliating defeat, the U.S turned to negotiations and agreements.  That way, the U.S intended to fool this nation and turn its military defeat into a victory.

It was only by the grace of Allah that the nation’s blood and sacrifice bore fruit and the Afghan brave and Islam-loving leaders won the battle, putting an end to the this great invasion, occupation and disaster on the same day two years ago. Afghanistan got independence with another pride in history.

Occupations and conflicts bring forth many problems, evils and new phenomena. Afghanistan, too, has seen the worst of the nightmares over the last 40 years of bloody wars and revolutions, giving birth to various kinds of factions, groups and corruptions and causing the country to go through another stage with some countries and intelligence agencies in the region and around the world trying to expand their sphere of influence in the country, while others dreaming of its disintegration. But it all came to an end due to struggles and political endeavors.

The tenth of Hoot (Pisces) is the day that should be written in the golden pages of history as it was the day on which the occupation came to a halt, terrorism, atrocity, oppression, corruption and other crimes were eradicated from the country. Peace and stability prevailed. The procession of the funerals that would bring tears to the eyes of people across the country ended. The flags of independence and peace were hoisted on the top of Hindu Kush. We offer our congratulations to all the Afghan people on this proud day!

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