October 03, 2022

Muslims and the West: The Coming Holocaust

Muslims and the West: The Coming Holocaust

Dr Hameedullah Zabuli

Estimates suggests that around 25 million Muslims now call Oceania, Europe, and North America (collectively called the West) their home. These Muslims live law-abiding lives and constructively contribute to their adopted homes. They have some of the lowest crime rates, the highest educational levels, and have supplied the service demand needs of their host countries. While many may have sought refuge from the chaos in their countries, many more have also been welcomed by their hosts to fill much-need highly professional vacancies in those states.

Yet today, these millions of Muslims have been ushered into a new era. An era where the societies they serve are not characterized by respect for human rights and equality for all, but by bigotry and intolerance. Muslims are demonized and dehumanized in the media, they are the latest targets of a political witch-hunt – where their political loyalty is questioned. Their belief systems are publicly mocked and ridiculed. The public views them as agents secretly working to somehow miraculously impose Shariah law on them. Never mind the fact that Shariah law itself requires that it be applied only to Muslims and that non-Muslims should be ruled according to their own laws. Their places of worship are blocked by authorities under various pretenses. Even when authorized and built, they are quickly targeted by arsonists and vandalized or burned down. Their vulnerable refuge seekers are compelled to convert to Christianity in exchange for asylum. Many of them are forced to live in ghettos reminiscent of the Nazi Warsaw ghettos built for the Jews.

Every day the forces of bigotry and violence are gaining supporters in these lands. These new Goebbels paint the Muslims living in the West as an infestation that is depriving the ‘hard-working’ white folks from earning an ‘honest’ living. Muslims – according to them – are undermining their society from within. They ‘breed like rabbits’ and pretty soon will overflow the West like the Gothic invasions of the past and irreparably alter the essence of the West. Well at least, according to the arguments flaunted by these new ‘limping propaganda chiefs’. How 19 million people would soon overtake a population of over 500 million (in Europe alone) is not something we need bother ourselves with.

The causes of hatred may vary, but the underlying reasons never do. Sometimes even the smallest events acts as catalysts for arousing the most hideous of crimes. The faces and names of the haters and the hated may change but the underlying circumstances never do. Just as the Second Reich’s defeat in the Great War led to the scapegoating of the Jews and eventually the Final Solution, so the defeat of the ‘invincible’ America is leading to the scapegoating and victimization of the Muslims. The arc of history might be long but it always follows repetitive patterns. And this arc will no doubt end with a new Inquisition with the Muslims finding themselves in the gallows of a new Auschwitz. While this much is fairly certain, we can also confidently make the claim that the ashes of these soon-to-be victims will breathe new life into the Islamic lands. The Muslim world will heal these wounds and rebound with a freshness rarely offered to decadent nations. We console ourselves with the fact that while the West hopes to ring the death knell of this Nation, it will instead help us to usher a new dawn.

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