February 05, 2023

Mujahideen bring down U.S helicopter 

Mujahideen bring down U.S helicopter 

 NANGARHAR, Aug. 1 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate shot down an attack helicopter belonging to U.S aggressors later Tuesday night in eastern Afghanistan, killing all the American invaders aboard the chopper, Al-Emarah News said on Tuesday.

The initial reports from the scene point out the helicopter got shot down when it was trying to raid Mujahideen positions in Spin Ghar district of Nangarhar province.

The helicopter was shot as it was about to land to drop off the enemy personnel. The helicopter came down in pieces and was fully destroyed.

Local residents, eyewitnesses to shooting down told Al-Emarah News that that the dead and wounded were rushed out of the scene through ambulance helicopter and the was cordoned off.

Separately, 4 puppets suffered injuries after they lost control of their vehicle and it fell off the road.

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