Letter to Chief-Thief President Biden

By: Qari Abdul Sattar Saeed Mr, pickpocket President Biden, the leader of the United States of America! It is being said you have stolen money of the Afghan people. There is an uproar on Twitter and Facebook, saying Biden has snatched $3.5 billion out of a nation’s pocket in broad daylight. Some are angry and […]

By: Qari Abdul Sattar Saeed

Mr, pickpocket President Biden, the leader of the United States of America!

It is being said you have stolen money of the Afghan people. There is an uproar on Twitter and Facebook, saying Biden has snatched $3.5 billion out of a nation’s pocket in broad daylight. Some are angry and others are shocked, but believe me, I am not surprised.

I am not astonished as thieves and robbers can only be expected to steal and rob. The history of your European race lies before us. You would have stolen just three and a half billion dollars from us. But you had looted the land and the atmosphere, the deserts and the mountains, the fields and the streams from the inhabitants of the land in which you are now ruling.

Mr. Bandit Biden!

I believe that your ancestors had arrived in America from Europe with only a few grams of microbial poison. Then they had infected the water resources of the local, massacred them, left some of the rest in slavery and some in the forests, and then had captured and rebuild their lands and villages.
Those who can kill public of an entire continent, can’t they steal our three and a half billion dollars? Those who can reduce the number of Native Americans from 60 million to 6 million in a variety of murders over a period of ten years and destroy so much wealth that it can change the earth’s climate, stealing few cash dollars for them is as easy as pie.

Mr. pilferer Biden!

We know that your empire, which calls itself a human rights standard-bearer, has its foundations resting on dead bodies of humankind. If we look at the history of your red-haired European ancestors beside your ugly American history, then we should only blame ourselves for being so surprised by your robbery.

Observing map of the world one and a half hundred years ago, we can see the earth was divided into two parts. Colonizers and colonies in other words invaders and oppressors.
Four of the world’s five continents (Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas) are colonies or nations that have been bitten by hungry European wolves. Like you, your ancestors were not satisfied with their share. They traversed the earth in pursuit of human beings and wealth, stretched from east to west, invaded the land and the oceans. They had initially addicted Australian Tobi tribes and then grabbed their fertile land for some tobacco leaves. They had cut off the fingers of Indian artisan weavers so that Indian shawls cannot be woven and the textile industry be destroyed. Not only did they stole gold, diamonds and capital from Africa, but also enslaved the robust black youth and jointly ploughed with cows in Europe and America.

Mr. stealer Biden!

Which of your robbery do we remember? Your red race has not only stolen pockets of Afghans, but is the thief of all humanity. You have looted and plundered Asia, Africa, Oceania and old America, but your evil hunger has not diminished yet.

You are not only the thief of wealth and possessions, but also the thief of faith, thought, culture, honor, modesty and dignity. You have not only stolen the ancient beliefs of the peoples of America, Africa and Oceania and imposed your own trinity on them, but in modern history you have stolen the culture, language and all the spiritual values of many nations of the world.
You have come to Afghanistan for such a comprehensive robbery, but our nation if not beaten by a deceitful kidnapper like you, no one can defeat it in a face-to-face confrontation. You tried to steal our nation’s faith, culture, language and spirituality, that’s why we used all our strength, and our brave nation hit such blow to your tyranny and shattered America’s international prestige in such a way that its pain will last forever.

Mr. embezzler Biden!

I believe that the grandchildren of your grandchildren will also be cower to hear the names of Sangin, Panjwai, Korangal and Shahikot. You haven’t suffered a wound here that will heal easily. This bloody wound will continue to rot and will eventually lead to comprehensive destruction of American Perishing.
With that in mind, your fearful revenge on the Afghan people is understandable. It just reminded me the scene of that frightened child stealing penny from his opponent after being beaten, and voices from inside his home I was beaten, but I will not return your stolen item. By doing so, you have shown how helpless America is, how hungry, greedy, fearful and incompetent America is. My nation, on the other hand, is at the highest peak of reputation, which has dispelled the superpower like a thief and forced it to make a decision based on discourteousness.

Mr. Thug Biden!

The condition of your local handmaidens, is also regrettable like yours, those who have praised West and Western philosophy all their lives as journalists, writers, thinkers, translators, teachers, politicians or cultural figures. They introduced United States as contractor of human rights to the Afghan people, and instead of expanding its nation and country, they chose West as heaven. How will they face their nation today? as the capital of the customers (such as teachers, employees, craftsmen, shopkeepers, merchants, etc.) of Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul Bank, Azizi Bank and other banks is being trampled on by the world’s number one economic power, The local puppets must be poisoned before facing their treachery against the nation.

Mr. Robber Biden!

If my nation’s capital has been frozen as a revenge, be aware that you have been damaged here enough that cannot be compensated by only three and a half billion dollars. Your trillions of dollars have been wasted here. I am writing you this letter from the very computer which has been seized from you as war spoil. Will you avenge something that can heal wounds of your heart? Be assured that whatever you do, we have already taken such revenge from you and given you such a knock that you will not be able to account for it till the Day of Resurrection InshaaAllah (God willing).